Social Media Marketing Louisville, KY

Social Media Consulting Services

Social media has changed the way many people interact with each other and businesses. It allows everyday people to influence and impact potentially millions of others on a daily basis, whether good or bad.

For businesses, Social Media Marketing provides a way to promote your business or service through the various online social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It allows you to use these platforms to:

  • Personalize your message
  • Humanize your voice
  • Spread the message about your organization

Social media is a place where brands are found, talked about, and spread. Word of mouth has always been the most cost-effective and valuable marketing tool businesses. Consumers trust personal recommendations more than any other source and social media allows those recommendations to be spread even further.

Social media allows your customers to become a digital sales force for your company by allowing them to engage with your business through likes, check-ins, tweets, photos, and more to spread the word about your business. That’s something you should embrace and encourage.

Many of your current customers use social media everyday. Many of your prospective ones do as well. If you’re not using social media to reach your audience, you are ignoring a powerful, free tool.

Social Media Strategy Development

An effective social media campaign focuses on attracting relevant two-way conversations about your products, services, industry, or brand. By increasing the richness of those conversations you have the ability to attract and engage both customers and potential customers.

Successful social media campaigns are driven by engagement and create a “buzz” about your product or service. We’ll help you create compelling and creative content that promotes engagement to get your audience involved and want to share your content with others.

Our team can help your business create a social media marketing program that includes:

  • Identifying your target market.
  • Editorials calendars to help make sure you’re consistently putting your message out there.
  • Selecting the optimal social media channels to market your message. There are so many out there; you need to know where you should focus your efforts.

We’ll also help you get started integrating social media into your company culture, future marketing plans, and effectively using social media sites and tools to communicate with your audience.

Powerful Social Media Profiles

Having a social media presence is main component of building a strong overall online presence. So we can help get you started by setting up a profile for you business on many of the major players in today’s social media world. Along with company info, messages, graphics, etc. to make your profile as engaging as possible.

We’ll highlight your social media profiles on your site with social icons placed in highly visible areas and include call to actions to entice visitors to interact with your business.

Are people talking about your company? If so, what are they saying? If not, why not? Social Media can change the way you brand, market, and share the message about your products and services. Get a conversation started about your business today.

Contact us today to increase your business’s word of mouth potential through social media marketing. It’s time to join the conversation.