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Since 2011, we have provided our services for all types of businesses right here in Louisville and abroad. During this decade of service, we have decided to focus our marketing results for businesses in the trade and home service industries. By niching down, we have only grown our expertise in effective online marketing.
We like to stay exclusive to our clients, and since we only work with 1-2 companies per industry in each city, a majority of our clients are based all across the US. With the use of video calls and consistent communication, we will make you feel as if you picked a business right in your own backyard.
We have helped businesses that range from small 2 truck teams all the way up to multiple city operations! Our clients, no matter how different, all have one thing in common: they want their business to succeed. Our individualized, custom solutions combined with our goal-based strategy is what helps you take your business to the next level. Think you’d be a good fit? Learn more about the types of clients we work with!

Not at all! We’ve designed and developed some of the best websites and implemented personalized SEO strategies for so many different industries. We can do just the same for you! Just as long as you can be a good client for us, we can be the best marketing partner for you.

Well, not to brag, but there are many. We’re confident in our ability to deliver results. As a local business, we understand the same struggles you may be facing, and at the end of the day, all anyone wants is to gain more customers and make more money. We are easy to contact, easy to connect with, and our team works tirelessly to create a strategy that works for YOUR business. Our success solely depends on your success and our goal is to help you achieve yours. And, if that isn’t enough, you can let the numbers speak for themselves and skim through some of our past work and success stories

Often in life, how much you are willing to invest into something directly influences the value of the output after it’s said and done. The same can be said for a good marketing plan or website. The more you’re willing to invest, the greater the return on investment. You don’t want a website that looks exactly like everyone else’s, for example. But when you’re only willing to spend a certain amount of money, that’s exactly what you get. No custom designs, no interactivity, and you can forget about that search engine optimization and all the stuff on the backend that actually makes your site work. The good news is, we offer payment plans and our strategy sessions are always free. Just contact us today for more info!

Once we design it, it’s yours to keep forever. We’re not like most marketing companies who hold onto your biggest online asset. You paid your dues, you worked with us, and now you reap the benefits. Your website is your 24/7 sales rep. It’s one of the strongest tools you can have. Do us a favor and make sure you own it.


Choosing the name of this company was a huge challenge for me. This is something that I had never done before and after all, you only get one shot at it. I looked everywhere I could for a little inspiration. One place I looked was the “about us” page of companies whose names I thought were interesting. I didn’t want to copy their names; I was more interested in how they came up with the name they chose. Of all the sites that I looked at only a few actually explained the meanings of their names and that seemed strange to me. Even companies whose names were pretty odd, nothing. I didn’t want to do the same thing, so here you go.

Before you ask, no “one thing” does not mean we only do one thing. Ironically, after thinking about it “one thing” had several meanings to me.

But the reason I choose “One Thing” was the idea that just one small thing can make all the difference in the world, especially to a small business. For every business that one thing could be something completely different. It could be gaining a big client or finding the right supplier. That one thing could be what gets your business off the ground or takes it to the next level. We want to help give you the best shot at that one thing happening to your business and we feel that online marketing gives you that opportunity.

So there you have it, the true meaning of “one thing”.

– Dan Skaggs, Founder

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