Welcome to Part 5 of our 6-part blog series, Marketing Your Paving Company. In our last post, we discussed why local search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective tool for marketing your paving company to your local market. Today, we switch over to another piece of the puzzle–lead tracking. 

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Believe it or not, lead tracking is actually the most important piece of your marketing puzzle. It tells you whether or not your marketing efforts are working. Like businesses of all types, you want to know if your marketing dollars are producing a good return on investment (ROI) for your paving company. One indicator of ROI health is tracking which marketing efforts turn into leads. 

Lead tracking is a system that allows you to see where your leads came from and where they are in the sales funnel. Since leads come to you from a variety of different sources, a good system will contain multiple components to capture them all. Your paving company might receive leads from phone calls, a Facebook post, an Instagram post, local SEO, or a vendor table.

The first step in lead tracking is marking the origin of the lead. From there, you can measure whether or not you’ve closed the sale or if your lead needs some follow up to turn into a buying customer. 

Each lead that comes in digitally (through your paving company website, etc.) can then be scored by how fast it turns into a sale. With that information, you can clearly see which source is your highest-scoring campaign. You can then home in on the marketing campaigns (sources) that produce the greatest ROI.

So, what types of tracking systems are available? And, can one system do it all? 

Most lead tracking systems fall into one of two broad categories: call tracking and form tracking. 

Call Tracking Systems

There are many different types of call tracking software, but our favorites are: 

  • Campaign Tracking – This allows you to link a unique phone number to each marketing campaign created by your paving company. 
  • Dynamic Number Insertion – This system creates a unique phone number for each major website source (such as Google Adwords, Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram), so you can track the large websites that send leads to your paving company.
  • Keyword Call Tracking – This system is more advanced and gets added directly to your paving company’s website, however, it is also the most informative. Every visitor is given a unique phone number. Then, when they call, you can see exactly which pages they went to, what keywords they searched for, and most importantly, you can see the last page they read before making the decision to call you.

Form Tracking Systems

Form tracking is based on HTML code that is placed on your website and tracks which campaigns (sources) your visitors are coming from. Form tracking is simpler than call tracking, and as such, and the information it provides is broader. It lets you see how many different campaigns your lead clicked on before they completed a form asking you to contact them. 

One More System…

Regardless of which type of tracking system you use, we do recommend the use of one additional system–a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM is used after the lead has come to you. It gives you a place to collect the customer’s information – from both potential customers and existing customers – and is the part that allows you to track where you are in the sales funnel. 

Do you need help with lead tracking for your paving company? That’s just one of the things we do quite well. We’re experts at bringing all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together. 

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