Welcome to Marketing Your Paving Company, a 6-part blog series that will help you market your paving company in the new year. Our goal is to help you create a simple plan that will drive more customers to your doorstep!  

During this series, we will demystify the marketing process and guide you through the key steps that will make up your plan:

Part 1: Your Marketing Goals

Part 2: Your Website

Part 3: On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Part 4: Local Search Engine Optimization

Part 5: Lead Tracking

Part 6: Reputation Management (How to get Google Reviews)

By the end of our series, you’ll have all the tools you need to lay a solid foundation for marketing your business in the year ahead. We hope you join us and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Part 1: Your Marketing Goals

It’s impossible to measure success if you don’t know where you’re starting from or where you want to go. That’s why we begin our series with strategies to help you define your marketing goals. Clearly defined goals help you as you spend money on your desired marketing efforts throughout the year and in turn, identify the return on investment you hope to achieve.

For example, as a small to medium-sized paving company, one of your marketing goals may be to generate more leads. More leads will create more customers, and more customers will lead to greater revenue overall.  

How do you determine your marketing goals for the year? 

  1. Review: Last year. Look at your numbers–figure out what you did last year in regard to website clicks, phone calls, and new customers vs. previous customers. If you’re unsure how to track or monitor these things, adding in some way to accurately track your data may be the perfect place to start.
  2. Ask: What do I want to increase in the new year? Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking only of customer numbers. But what drives more customers? We encourage you to consider all of the following: brand awareness, website clicks, leads, customers, cash flow, and employee involvement and growth.
  3. Determine: How will you track it? Once you know what you want to attract and grow, you need to figure out how to track your progress. This does not need to be complicated–it should be a system that complements the workflow at your paving company.

Once you have your goals, it’s time to map them to the calendar year. This helps you manage your efforts and progress. For each goal, break it down into:

  1. Quarterly – Break down your annual goal into quarterly increments.
  2. Monthly – Next, break down your quarterly goal to monthly increments.
  3. Weekly – Finally, break your monthly goals into weekly increments.

An example of a goal and how to break it down is as follows.

Yearly Goal: XYZ Paving Company wants to increase our yearly customers by 100, which, based on last year’s numbers, would be a total of 500 customers. 

Quarterly Goal: XYZ Paving Company’s goal is to have 125 customers per quarter.

Monthly Goal: XYZ Paving Company’s goal is to have 42 customers a month.

Weekly Goal: XYZ Paving Company’s goal is to have 9 customers per week.

Once you have identified each goal and broken it down timewise, we can focus on achieving these goals through an online presence. In Part 2 of our blog series, we will explore how your website can help you reach your goals.