Office Manager at One Thing Marketing

Her full name is Bailey Murphy, but she’s the kind of gal most people just call Bailey. Think of megastars like Prince, Rhianna, or Madonna… With personality and pizzaz like that, they don’t need surnames. And the same can be said for our Bailey, Office Manager at One Thing Marketing (OTM). Bailey describes her primary responsibility like this, “I basically keep Charlie in check (Charlie is the Security Officer; we’ll meet him in another post), and make sure everyone is being productive during the workday.”

Charlie may be Bailey’s primary focus – and she sites him as her biggest on-the-job learning lesson, “I have learned that the head of security here is sometimes a pain to deal with… but we get along for the time being.” – but she’s not all work and no play. “If the staff seem in need of a mental break, then I take them outside with me for a walk or casual game of chase.”

Bailey has been in the marketing field longer than some of her peers at One Thing Marketing. “I’ve been at OTM for five years. I was a smart learner for my age and began when I was only 12 weeks old. I was adopted by the OTM Marketing Director, so you can say that I’ve been in marketing my whole life.” She’s not just boasting when she speaks of her intellectual prowess.  Bailey graduated from Rosie Dane Dog Training in 2018 and plans to go back one day for her Good Canine Degree.

We asked both Bailey and her co-workers what words would describe her and we were pleased with the overlap: fast, playful, loving, and allover good girl. Despite her winning personality, or perhaps because of it, she doesn’t work closely with clients. “Unfortunately, I do not get too much client interaction as I have been told that I can be quite distracting. So instead I play as help to the HR department and general office duties. It’s not too ruff.”

When Bailey isn’t busy with her office duties, she enjoys playing catch with a ball (we’ve heard she can do this for hours on end) and going for walks. “Ever since I got my dog training certificate my mom takes me everywhere! Lowes and Home Depot are really the best for new sniffs and scents!” Bailey is from Indiana originally. She spent her early days in a chicken coup, before being adopted by Brittney Murphy and relocating to Louisville, Kentucky. But if you ask her who she roots for, it’s not IU or U of L. Bailey is a true blue UK fan.

Fun Facts About Bailey:

  • Boasts that she can outrun Charlie
  • Hid a bone in the office that no one can find
  • Is a bit of an actress (We promise she is neither abused nor neglected! She’s just that good at acting in order to get belly rubs and pets from her audience.)