Marketing Director at One Thing Marketing

If you could sit down with the brick and mortar One Thing Marketing and have a chat, you might be surprised to learn it sounds a lot like a lady—one who’s determined, smart, no-nonsense (when it comes to business at least), focused, and driven. But that’s because the voice behind One Thing Marketing is its Marketing Director, Brittany Murphy.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany is one of the first people you meet at One Thing Marketing, and she’ll be instrumental in driving the success of your project. “When a new prospect first calls or is referred to us, I meet with them to understand their marketing goals and where they are right now. I build the marketing strategy for them, and if they partner with us, I help them integrate with the rest of our team,” Brittany explained.

“We pride ourselves in being honest and transparent with all our prospects and clients. If we’re not the best fit, we’ll tell you. The partnership we have with our clients is huge.” Brittany believes that partnership is a keystone to success. “No matter what type of business you have, or when you started, there is always room and opportunity to grow. You need to partner with the right company and have the right strategy, but if you do, the sky is the limit.”

Born and raised in Louisville, Brittany majored in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles at the University of Kentucky and studied Business as her minor. She’s been the Marketing Director at One Thing Marketing for five years.

Brittany is currently reading Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini and enjoys playing with her dog, Bailey.

Miscellaneous Fun Brittany Facts:

  • Consumes a truly inordinate amount of water (There’s a rumor that she’s never actually been seen without her water bottle.)
  • Plays competitive women’s volleyball
  • Is currently watching season five of Cheers