Okay, so that’s not her official title, but don’t be fooled—that’s exactly what she is. In today’s world, content is king, and you can trust One Thing Marketing to have wisely designated a queen (or two) to keep it in check. Lauren Schuster is one of the Content Coordinators at One Thing Marketing who have the challenging task of turning data into information and words into stories.

“I spend my time handling and organizing all written and digital content for our clients. This can be anything from writing articles, designing websites, and making outlines for future articles to be written. Outside of content, I handle all things that fall under Local Search. I handle all our clients’ online listings on directory sites, as well as help manage their Google My Business listing,” explained Lauren.

Schuster has been with One Thing Marketing for almost a year and a half, but she has studied and interned in her profession for several years. Lauren graduated from Midway University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications, with a minor in Psychology. Something she’s learned at One Thing Marketing is web design. “This is something I didn’t even know I liked until I started doing it, so it’s been a very cool learning experience,” said Lauren.

When you first meet Lauren at your Discovery Meeting, you may see her as quiet or reserved. Her co-workers, however, would have to disagree. When Lauren’s not busy coordinating content, you’re likely to find her on the soccer field (either playing or coaching), outside hiking, attending a music festival, working out, or maybe even snowboarding. (She says she’s “pretty decent” at snowboarding, but we think it’s probably more than that.)

When asked to describe her favorite time of day, Lauren heartily responded, “brunch time!” Did we mention she’s funny? “My favorite time of the day would have to be early afternoon, right around brunch time, especially on the weekends! There’s nothing better than a good Bloody Mary!”

Cool Deets on Lauren:

  • Is a proud cat momma of two, Abe and Aria
  • Is currently reading the book, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, by Gary John Bishop
  • Has four tattoos, oh, and a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm