Part-Time Marketing Coordinator for One Thing Marketing 

For those of you who have been around, you know the face of all things communication at One Thing Marketing. Friendly, sassy, and adventurous, Rachel Ball, has been your point of contact for two years now. 

Adventurous is right, as she’s shaking things up (and quite a bit) here soon. Rachel’s life is changing, as she, husband Jesse, and dogs Maggie and Maya, are packing their bags (and dog toys) and moving to Denver, Colorado. Because of this, her role with One Thing Marketing is changing too. 

In the meantime, Rachel will still be behind the scenes, helping to keep your experience with One Thing Marketing the best it can be!

Rachel has been a part of the One Thing Marketing for two years, and she’s proud of the work they produce. “There’s a ton of thought and planning that goes into building and optimizing a website. You can buy cookie-cutter do-it-yourself website templates online, but those lack the expertise and kick-ass customer service you’ll get from our company.”

Some people describe Rachel as talkative, and those people may be right. One thing that’s certain is that effective communication is at the forefront of Rachel’s mind. She says one of the most interesting things she’s learned in her career is how to successfully talk and work with all different personality types. (She tells us she’s an “I” on the DiSC personality chart—interactive, involved, imaginative —and we can see it).

Rachel was born and raised in Madison, Indiana and earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. The adventurous side of her loves to go hiking and be outdoors, but when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can find her catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

But what she may like best of all are her dogs. Rachel Ball is a dog lover, and her pups are front and center when she pictures her future. When asked where she hoped to be in 10 years, her response was just like her—warm, energetic, and optimistic—” I’m not quite sure yet, but as long as I have my dogs and some margaritas, everything will be just fine!”

Miscellaneous Fun Rachel Facts:

  • Loves to brunch
  • Is a wiz at travel and event planning
  • Has visited half of the U.S. National Parks