About BodyQuest Personal Training

At BodyQuest Personal Training in Louisville, KY, every day is an opportunity to create a better you. With leadership and accountability programs, you can achieve long-lasting results, even if you fall off the wagon. Trained professionals are there for you every step of the way with personalized exercise and meal plans for every lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete yourself or just raising them, they keep you motivated to reach your goals.

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1 Year Increase in
Contact Form Leads

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For every $1 invested, BodyQuest Personal Training earned $5.82

Pumping up their digital marketing without any magic pills.

The Problem

As a business owner, Chris Tedesco understood the importance of proper marketing strategies. In fact, he attempted to implement some search engine optimization techniques on his own. He wasn’t a complete stranger to the idea of utilizing SEO for improving traffic.

However, being a small business owner prevented him from being able to dedicate the time to learn all the intricate details of properly executing online marketing tactics, including diving further into the magic of SEO.

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1 Year Increase in
Traffic from Google

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Marketing Return On Investment


6 Month Return
on Investment

The Solution

In order to boost BodyQuest’s client base, we started with the basics: the website. Originally, the website was difficult to follow and could have greatly benefitted for a sitemap with better flow. And that’s exactly what we did. After producing lots of substantial and pertinent content, we organized the site to create a user-friendly experience with easy access to relevant contact information, blog posts, and success stories.

As websites do over time, BodyQuest’s new website needed another update a few years later. This time, BodyQuest trusted us to take bigger risks after seeing the success with our first updates to his website. One Thing Marketing created an entirely new website design for BodyQuest.

Maintaining a fresh image is necessary to compete in any industry, especially one as image-focused as personal training. To better promote this new face-lift, OTM incorporated multiple on-page SEO strategies targeting local customers through keyword research which worked to generate more buzz for his innovative website.

What We Did

  • Website Design

  • Content Development / Copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Local Search Optimization

  • Lead Generation

  • Link Building

  • Website Maintenance


“I saw, and continue to see, a huge return on my investment while working with One Thing Marketing. Within the first six months, I saw a 482% increase on my ROI, and after the first year, I saw an increase of 333% in traffic from Google. I continue to see success throughout our partnership. They communicate effectively and are very knowledgable in their field. I trust in them 100% for the success of my business.”

Chris TedescoChris Tedesco, Owner - BodyQuest Personal Training

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