Project Description

About Southern Classic Rentals

Southern Classic Rentals is a Louisville, KY based company that specializes in rentals for your next elegant dinner party, backyard Southern barbecue, fundraiser, or wedding. With a strong focus on quality and presentation, SCR aims to help create a breathtaking scene for your guests during life’s most memorable moments.

Marketing Return On Investment

6 Month Estimated ROI


Will the real online marketing success story please stand up?

The Problem

As a new business, Southern Classic Rentals understood how important it was to use online marketing to remain competitive within its industry. And being owned by a solo-prenuer made this job that much more of a challenge. Still, it persisted.

After struggling to generate solid leads, SCR decided it was time to incorporate some new marketing strategies to help the company succeed. The previous website just wasn’t producing the amount of traffic necessary to catapult the company into a vat of money.

And that’s where we come in.

southernclassicrentals homepage - before

The Solution

After evaluating the Southern Classic Rentals website, One Thing Marketing determined the homepage simply needed some tweaks and TLC to be more appealing to customers at first glance. Organizing the sitemap to improve usability and flow to inner pages was the next step to ensure a great quality website.

To achieve next level results, OTM coordinated on-page SEO with general website updates to give the site the makeover it needed. Having the raw materials in place is good for a business, but if a business isn’t capitalizing on that with optimization, they’re throwing away piles and piles of money that are practically already theirs.

What We Did

  • Website Update

  • Content Development / Copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

southernclassicrentals home - before and after

The Results

Within a short period of time, the on-page SEO strategy began paying off– big time. After only six months, the Google traffic to increased a whopping 696%.

Six months later, the Google traffic practically doubled. A year’s worth of online marketing progress was marked by a 1156% increase from the original site.

As if these statistics weren’t enough to wow you, Southern Classic Rentals also more than tripled their amount of submitted contact forms, which translates to a heck of a lot of leads. 208% more, in fact.

Google Traffic


6 Month Increase in
Traffic from Google

Google Traffic


1 Year Increase in
Traffic from Google

Contact Form Leads


1 Year Increase in
Contact Form Leads

Don’t just sit there! Stand up and take control of your online marketing today!