How One Thing Marketing Helped Stunning Smiles Get an 84% Lead Increase in 6 Months

Are you a busy business owner who barely has time to eat lunch, let alone try to finagle your online marketing?

Have you worked with marketing companies who promised the world but failed to deliver any results?

Are you hesitant to put your trust (and hard-earned money) in a new marketing company?

Is the dream of having a website that actually brings in new customers getting farther and farther away?

Instead, imagine finding a marketing company that…

  • Actually cared about the success of your business

  • Was honest and upfront about their work

  • Provided clear and accurate tracking of all results

Sound like a cartoon fairy-tale?

Well it isn’t.

Stay tuned because from here on out, we are going to…

  • Describe the real struggles one client faced with their previous marketing company.
  • Dish out how One Thing Marketing eradicated their fears and gained their trust.
  • Let it slip how we increased their leads by 84% in only 6 months.

While they created beautiful smiles, we created stunning results.

Allow Us To Introduce Our Client…Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas

Stunning Smiles is a local dentist office located in Las Vegas, NV that is committed to giving their patients beautiful smiles and healthy mouths.

While they were experts in treating cavities, they knew they didn’t have the knowledge to maintain a website and build an online presence.

So they hired a local marketing company to do Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

They soon realized they weren’t exactly getting what they paid for.

Stunning Smiles faced many problems with this marketing company.

During their 19-month long partnership…

  • They couldn’t get clear answers to their questions

  • They weren’t getting any real results

  • The marketing company wouldn’t make requested edits and was using old-school SEO techniques

  • Communication was severely lacking

They knew they needed to do something…and soon.

With no tangible results or increase in leads, the business would eventually be in trouble.

They knew they needed a new marketing company, but because of their previous experience, they were scared to get into another contract and being taken advantage of again.

As the saying goes,

After being burned once, you fear the fire.

They did find a website designer/marketing coach to build a new website from scratch.

This was the first step to recovery.

The marketing coach also did Facebook Ads and other types of marketing, but knew that Stunning Smiles would need a professional SEO company, because clearly their current one was not.

So where does One Thing Marketing come into the picture?

The marketing coach found out about our company and saw we had good results, our website used correct SEO tactics, and that we were a trusted source in the online marketing industry.

After being introduced, we set up a phone call to learn more about their situation and needs.

Stunning Smiles mentioned they were hesitant to hire another marketing company given their past experience.

We completely understood.

This is what we told them to help alleviate their fears…


We would be 100% transparent about all aspects of their project. Good or bad, we would be upfront and tell it like it is. No beating around the bush.

Accurate Tracking

All marketing channels would be correctly and clearly tracked. Their website, Google My Business listing, and any offline marketing would have a specific tracking number so we would know in real-time what was and was not working.


This was a big one for them because they had next to none with their previous marketing company and the distance between OTM and them was 1,888 miles. We assured them there would be lots of communication through monthly reports, monthly check-in calls, and quarterly meetings.


We told them that we would work along with their marketing coach to ensure everything was consistent across all marketing platforms and that their business could grow.

It wasn’t long after our conversation with Stunning Smiles that they told us we made them feel so at ease and would love to work with us.

How We Boosted Their Leads By 84% in 6 Months

The partnership between Stunning Smiles and One Thing Marketing began in November of 2019.

Six months after our work began, here are their results:

For every $1 Stunning Smiles invested with us, they made $63.41*

*Yeah we know it’s high, but Stunning Smiles is able to convert 50% of all leads, so pick your chin up off the floor.

And if those numbers aren’t amazing by themselves, check this out…

During this time, we were experiencing the Great Coronavirus of 2020 and they were closed for 30 straight days!

Because of our continued work while they were closed, they were set up for success once they opened back up.

How did we bring in so many leads?

Well we increased their Google traffic by 81%.

No foolin’!

And increased their Google My Business traffic by 96%!

We know we have said “we increased this” and “we increased that,” but how exactly did we do all of this increasing?

One Thing Marketing’s Valiant Work

We did a lot of work, believe us.

We didn’t wave some magic marketing wand and produce these results overnight.

Ask anyone who knows anything about SEO and they will tell you that SEO takes knowledge, hard work, and patience.

To make things simpler, we are going to break down the work we did into different categories.

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal here was to optimize the website to increase its visibility in search engines.

As we said before, we did not build the website. Stunning Smiles hired another web designer to redo the website.

Because the website was not designed with SEO in mind, we had a lot of work to do.

The SEO process typically takes us 6 weeks, but for Stunning Smiles it took us a few weeks longer because the website and SEO were not built in tangent.

We worked with the new website design and altered certain aspects on the backend and several on the frontend in order to incorporate proper SEO strategies.

Some of the major SEO work that we did included:

  • Working with the web designer to help him correctly convert the old site to the new site so once the new site was launched we did not lose any of the SEO value they currently had.

  • Ran a Technical SEO Audit to evaluate the backend elements of the website.

  • Re-organized the website navigation and structure.

  • Conducted Keyword Research to decide what words to target on the homepage and each service page.

  • Adding SEO to all service pages.

  • Internally linked all website pages to be user friendly and make sure the SEO value is correctly passed from page to page.

What did they see from all this SEO work?

Well it helped increase their Google traffic by 81% which in turn increased their leads by 84%!

Local SEO

With Local SEO, our goal was to build signals so that Google knows that their business is relevant to Las Vegas, NV.

The previous marketing company that Stunning Smiles worked with did set up some local directories. But they were not doing them any favors.

Once we took over, we started from the ground up.

  • Updated and optimized their existing Google My Business listing. This included:

    • Updated all business information
    • Added proper call and URL tracking to listing
    • Completed category & competitor research
    • Updated all features and added GMB Q&A
  • Claimed and updated existing Local Directory listings

  • Created other necessary local listings

  • Attempted to remove or combine duplicate listings

From this work, they saw a 96% increase in their Google My Business traffic which contributed to the 84% increase in leads!

Content Marketing

When done correctly, Content Marketing can be a huge asset to your business.

The focus of content marketing is creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online, with the goal of providing useful information.

And that’s what we did!

Our content team took Stunning Smiles’ priority list and created resourceful content for each of their main services.

How did we do that?

Well, for each article we…

  • Conducted additional Keyword Research on a page-by-page basis

  • Optimized each article for a target keyword

  • Added & optimized all pictures and custom graphics to help add more relevance and create a better reader experience.

  • Used proper headings throughout the article

  • Internally linked each service page to the homepage to add topical relevance

By doing this,

  • We increased the visibility of their brand

  • Built authority and credibility in the eyes of Google

  • Helped them build a relationship between them and their patients

Their previous marketing company did write some content, but it was using old-school SEO techniques, was using incorrect linking, and was not very resourceful.

With the resourceful content that our team wrote, we were able to quickly make Stunning Smiles rank on the first page for several keywords. With proper SEO tactics, Google was able to pull some of the FAQs from the article and display them right in the search results!

Content Before OTM

Content After OTM

Another Happy Client

So that’s how we did it!

All that work equated to:

From our partnership, Stunning Smiles also gained…

  • Newfound trust in a marketing company

  • Comfort knowing they will always be kept in the loop

  • Eagerness of what the future holds for their business

At the end of the day, it all boils down to that the client is happy.

If the client is happy, we know we did our job.

At One Thing Marketing, we have over 10 years of experience, developed proven strategies, and over 200 happy clients.

Would you like to be one of them?

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You never know, this could be the “one thing” that could make your business soar.

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