Project Description

About Xclusive Auto Detailing

Xclusive Auto Detailing is dedicated to providing the Louisville area with 5-star service with 100% customer satisfaction. Xclusive delivers quality detailing to your vehicle through deep cleaning, waxing, polishing, and more. They can breathe life into your wheels and achieve that new car smell.

Marketing Return On Investment

6 Month Estimated ROI


Cleaning their website from top to bottom… and in-between the cracks.

The Problem

After putting in a lot of effort with other marketing companies on ineffective campaigns, Xclusive grew frustrated. They just weren’t producing the necessary results for consistent growth. Xclusive began to run advertising through other channels, like couponing sites, and made some progress.

However, the discounted rates were eating into their profits, almost defeating the purpose of obtaining those leads. Instead of throwing money away on more and more traditional advertising methods, Xclusive decided it was time to upgrade to a more effective and innovative marketing strategy with a higher return on their investment.

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The Solution

After consulting with Xclusive, One Thing Marketing organized and implemented a comprehensive strategy to help generate a solid influx of positive leads. A website rebuild was paramount to their success. In order to provide the customer with a better user-experience, we updated the sitemap and modernized the design.

Creating new, unique content allowed for prime keyword selection to help Xclusive rank in the Louisville area, despite growing competition. During content development, we utilized many local search optimization and on-page SEO techniques to generate continued interest in their multiple services.

Call tracking allowed us to quantify the available leads, while also offering opportunities for improvement based on customer feedback.

What We Did

  • Website Design

  • Content Development / Copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Website Maintenance

xclusiveautodetailing homepage - beforeAFTER

The Results

Xclusive’s investment in their website and online presence quickly proved profitable with continued success. In the first six months, call scoring shows an increase of 362% in phone leads.

After only a year partnering with our experienced marketing team, visits to the site amassed to an astounding 244% increase for 2016.

This steady stream of interested visitors manifested in high quantities of high-quality leads– a 58% increase from 2015 to 2016.

Google Traffic


1 Year Increase in
Traffic from Google

Phone Call Leads


6 Month Increase in
Phone Leads

Google Traffic


Year Over Year Increase in Total Leads

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