“One thing… can change everything”

Born out of frustration…

One Thing Marketing was born out of the frustration as a small business owner working with website design companies who failed to deliver on their promises as well as the need for good, dependable marketing advice from a trustworthy source.

We’ve been in your shoes and know how it feels to spend your marketing dollars on something you’re convinced will attract lots of new customers, only to be disappointed and frustrated when the results are far less than you expected.

Because of this, many companies end up just randomly throwing money at different strategies, from print ads, direct mail, phone books, radio, etc., trying to force themselves in front of more prospective customers.

Putting your business in front of customers actively searching for the products or services that you sell.

Rather than push unwanted marketing messages on an audience, where the majority are not interested, we focus on creating a powerful online presence that works to pull your target audience towards your business. Through increased online visibility we help put your business in front of customers who are actively searching for the products or services that you sell.

We create customized online marketing solutions PROVEN to attract new customers, generate more leads, and provide the highest return on investment possible for your marketing efforts and dollars.

We have a passion for this industry and helping our clients reach their goals. That’s why we’re always exploring new marketing techniques, strategies, and technologies to provide the best service for our clients at all times.

Your Trusted Marketing Partner

We understand that your investment is putting your trust in us to deliver results and we take that very personally. The success of our business is dependent on the success of our clients. And we take pride in playing a role in the growth and success of your businesses.

Although online marketing is our specialty, we want to help your business be successful in any way possible. Whether that’s through helping you combine your offline and online marketing to make them both more effective, or you just need someone you can trust to ask questions or bounce ideas off of, we want to be that trusted source for your business.


Meet Our Team

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Before starting One Thing Marketing I was the co-owner of a custom picture framing company. Like most who are not in the online marketing industry, I really didn’t know a whole lot about websites or online marketing. So I had to trust that the companies I hired would lead me in the right direction.

My company worked with several different web design companies and overall my experiences were that they took advantage of my lack of knowledge, didn’t follow through on what they had promised, and made it a hassle to get even small updates made to our site.

So I started learning a little about web design so I could make the changes myself and that led to learning more about how online marketing worked.

Once I got more into online marketing as a whole and had some success with my own web properties, I realized how powerful it could be for a small business – and decided rather than just using what I’d learned to help myself – I wanted to use it to help other business owners.

I wanted to protect small business owners from being taken advantage of or being ripped off – because I had once been in their shoes.”

– Dan Skaggs – Founder

What’s holding your business back from reaching your goals?