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Meet Lauren Schuster

Queen of Content at One Thing Marketing Okay, so that’s not her official title, but don’t be fooled—that’s exactly what she is. In today’s world, content is king, and you can trust One Thing Marketing to have wisely designated a queen (or two) to keep it in check. Lauren Schuster is one of the Content Coordinators at One Thing Marketing who have the challenging task of turning data into information and words into stories. “I spend my time handling and organizing all written and digital content for our clients. This can be anything from writing [...]

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Meet Rachel Ball

Part-Time Marketing Coordinator for One Thing Marketing  For those of you who have been around, you know the face of all things communication at One Thing Marketing. Friendly, sassy, and adventurous, Rachel Ball, has been your point of contact for two years now.  Adventurous is right, as she’s shaking things up (and quite a bit) here soon. Rachel’s life is changing, as she, husband Jesse, and dogs Maggie and Maya, are packing their bags (and dog toys) and moving to Denver, Colorado. Because of this, her role with One Thing Marketing is changing too.  In [...]

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9 Tips to Boost Your Small Business Website

When it comes to creating or redesigning a website, there are infinite ways to customize it to make it your own. With all those options, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which option looks the best, while at the same time better at getting the job done. But have no fear! The internet today is full of great examples of websites that found creative and innovative ways to attract potential customers, engage and inspire action from site visitors, and set themselves apart from competitors. We have compiled a list of nine small business [...]

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Meet Brittany Murphy

Meet Brittany Murphy Marketing Director for One Thing Marketing If you could sit down with the brick and mortar One Thing Marketing and have a chat, you might be surprised to learn it sounds a lot like a lady—one who’s determined, smart, no-nonsense (when it comes to business at least), focused, and driven. But that’s because the voice behind One Thing Marketing is its Marketing Director, Brittany Murphy. Brittany is one of the first people you meet at One Thing Marketing, and she’ll be instrumental in driving the success of your project. “When a [...]

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What You Can Expect from Our Digital Marketing Company: One Thing Marketing’s Core Project Plan

For business owners in and around Louisville, KY, there is one fundamental need...customers. Without the all important customer, you have no business. One of the best ways, if not THE best way to build your customer base is to build and grow an online presence for your business. Go ahead and ask yourself, “How the heck do I do that?!” We’re glad you asked! Hiring our digital marketing company, One Thing Marketing, is the answer. We are the best of the best when it comes to creating and building online marketing strategies. (Yes, we [...]

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