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How To Increase Your Business’ Online Reviews By 7x in 7 Months

Answer this question for us… How important is your personal reputation? Probably pretty important. Many people would rather throw themselves into a volcano than have their reputation tarnished. Okay, not literally, but you get our point. Everyone wants their reputation to be positive, accurate, and be associated with their hard work. It works the exact same way for your business and its online reputation. So how do you spread the word about your company’s reputation online? One word...reviews. Without online reviews, your hard-earned reputation is not being seen by potential customers. And with most [...]

By |May 28th, 2020|Reputation Management|

2 Key Marketing Strategies You Need to Build a Powerful Online Presence

During the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners across the country and right here in Louisville have been busy trying to adjust and learn to do business in ways like never before. From virtual meetings to suddenly offering carryout or curbside pickup, local businesses have been finding ways to make it work. As we continue to adjust to life as we know it, is your business prepared for a bounce-back surge in business? Will potential consumers be able to find your business online? More importantly, can potential consumers find your business online RIGHT NOW? Let’s face [...]

By |May 8th, 2020|Local Search, Online Marketing, SEO|

9 Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Leads for Your Paving Company

Judging by the fact that you clicked on this article, it stands to reason that you need some advice on how to market your paving company. Lucky for you, you clicked on just the right article! Did you know that your consumers’ needs are constantly changing? If your paving company doesn’t adapt to these changes, you will lose customers left and right. What you did, marketing-wise, in years past won’t cut it now or in the future. You are probably thinking, “Well s**t! I don’t know how to come up with new marketing strategies.” [...]

By |May 5th, 2020|Online Marketing|

Marketing Ideas During COVID-19: 15 Ways to Invest in Your Business

We’ll come right out and say it. It’s a weird time that we’re living in. As business owners ourselves, we understand the sudden shift in business plans, marketing ideas, rearranged schedules, and re-prioritizing the health of your employees. This global pandemic, also known as COVID-19, has completely changed the world we’re living in. It’s easy to have gotten flustered or caught up in the panic of the unknown. What will this do for my business? Can we stay afloat? How will a pause or slowdown in business affect my life outside of work? What [...]

By |April 7th, 2020|Online Marketing|

Big Benefits for Your Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Google My Business Optimization

In a world of ever growing, ever changing business tactics, what are you doing for your business that makes you stand out among the rest?  It’s hard enough making your business stand out against the store down the street. Brick and mortar stores everywhere, and right here in Louisville, KY have to compete against one another, but now more than ever, they also have to compete with online shopping, retail stores, and other businesses who have taken their products and services online. Did you know that 97% of consumers use the internet when looking [...]

By |March 18th, 2020|Local Search|
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