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Getting Listed: Using Local Business Citations to Boost Online Visibility

Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy to grow your business will likely include several moving parts at once. From website design to strategy, the formula for achieving success in the digital space can seem complicated. That’s why we are going to focus this post on explaining how business citations – a large chunk to the local SEO equation – can benefit your business. What is a Local Business Citation? Generally speaking, a business citation is a mention of a company that could include its name, address, phone number, website, etc. There are two types of [...]

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IPIC 2016 Presentation | Dan Skaggs & Brittany Murphy | Las Vegas

IPIC started as a small buying group in California over 30 years ago and is now an international association that provides a broad range of business services to members across the world. At the conference in Las Vegas, Dan and Brittany presented "10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Now" to an eager crowd of people looking to promote their business. This actionable list engaged the audience, prompting them to re-evaluate their own marketing strategies. You can view that presentation below. 10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Now from One Thing MarketingSee how Dan, Brittany, and the rest of [...]

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Friday Finish Line | Is Your Online Marketing Meeting Your Customers’ Needs?

Customer satisfaction is largely based on whether you’re meeting consumer needs or not. Is your online marketing strategy doing the trick? This week, we rounded up seven articles that could help you cater your digital marketing tactics to online customers. SEO Google Experiments with Business Cards and Google Posts Recently, Google released an experimental feature that will allow businesses to publish content directly to Google. This content will then appear on the search engine results page when queries are searched that relate to the publisher, and users can scroll through the posts like to see [...]

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3 Essential Reasons To Update Your Business Website

Rarely do we ignore important assets by allowing them to go neglected for extended periods of time. A business website shouldn’t be any different, especially considering that most buyers shop around and read about a company’s products and services before making a purchase. Given the fact that online research has become a focal point of the buying process, website maintenance and upkeep is critical to ensuring that your company’s site has relevant and up-to-date information that customers want. It could help drive more leads and strengthen the bottom line. With consideration to best practices, below are three [...]

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Friday Finish Line | Where Did the Ads Go? Google Removes Right Side Ads

You likely don't have time to sift through the inner workings of the Web searching for the most relevant digital marketing news. That's fine, you don't need to do that. Luckily, we've compiled seven articles throughout the last couple weeks that grabbed our attention. Check them out.

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