SEO Timeline: How Long Does It Take To See Results?

How long until I am #1 in Google? This is the question so many SEO experts hear from their clients day in and day out. Everyone wants that highly coveted top spot in the search results, but many do not understand what it takes to get there. The answer? Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. The list of benefits of an effective SEO strategy will blow your mind. Every business, and we mean every business, needs to invest their time, money, and effort into SEO. While many understand the benefits, some think that as soon [...]

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Fluctuating Results: Major Google Algorithm Updates and The Evolution of SEO Strategies

Digital marketing and search engine optimization have moved at rapid speeds throughout the past decade. Algorithm updates have changed the search landscape and heavily modified strategies, while new algorithms altogether have created opportunity for unprecedented user experience. This article will take a look at Google's most infamous algorithm updates and will then discuss the change in strategies taken to rank in organic search results. Furthermore, a SlideShare presentation and quiz are included to provide readers with key takeaways and to test their understanding. Google Algorithms and Updates Throughout becoming the leader in search engine usage, Google has consistently [...]

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