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Address, Service Area, or Both? New Changes to Location Settings Within the Google My Business Dashboard

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities. You’re managing employees, taking inventory of supplies, constantly working to improve your products and services, serve your customers to 100% satisfaction, and well, the list goes on. There’s just not enough time in the day to keep up with all of that, plus all of the changes being made in the marketing industry. That’s where we come in. Let’s start with the basics. Does the phrase “Google My Business” ring a bell? When potential or pre-existing customers search for your business online, think of [...]

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WEBSITE REDESIGN: Is It Time for a Facelift? This Will Help You Decide!

When is the last time you really looked through your own website? Are you embarrassed to tell people you have a website because it’s so outdated? Does your business need a boost? Most of us turn to Google, Siri, or Bing when we need results online. Whether we’re looking for a house cleaner, car mechanic, or a birthday cake, we are all online.  You simply cannot run a successful business without a successful online presence. The job of your website is to engage and entice each user to convert. This is vital to a [...]

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Call Tracking: How To Effectively Monitor Your Marketing Efforts

The objective of any marketing campaign is to make more money, right? You want to know that your advertising is actually working – that customers are seeing it, picking up the phone, and calling you. You should get a return investment on every piece of marketing you create, which means you need to track it. If you’re not tracking, there’s no way to know what’s working (and what’s not). Google analytics is a good choice for a website tracking tool, but it only goes so far. Call tracking is one of the best ways [...]

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OTM Gives 2018: Cure CF

While discussing strategies for the new year, a lightbulb went off! What if we focused the beginning of the year on giving back to our community? Essentially, we wanted to give away a free comprehensive website build to a local non-profit organization. For these organizations, every second counts, so we decided to have the entire site completed in 24 hours!

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Who Controls Your Digital Assets? Is It You?

It seems crazy to give someone else the only key to your house, but small businesses are doing exactly that every day and it proves to be a devastating decision. Digital assets are just like real assets and if you don’t maintain ownership properly, you risk losing them completely. We break down the most problematic digital issues with hosting, domain, and design to give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your business.

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