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Digital Marketing Agency Louisville KY

Digital Marketing Agency Louisville KY

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9 Proven Tips to Boost Your Small Business Website

When it comes to redesigning or creating a website, there are infinite ways to customize it to make it your own. With all those options, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which option looks the best, while at the same time better at getting the job done. But have no fear! The internet today is full of great examples of business websites that found creative and innovative ways to attract potential customers, engage and inspire action from site visitors, and set themselves apart from competitors.We have compiled a list of nine small business websites [...]

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Website Design Checklist: 5 Must Have Elements of Great Websites

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a fantastic website.The best sites are like amazing salesmen, working 24/7 for your business. And who doesn’t want that? However, getting all the dynamic web design elements of a website to work together isn’t easy.The website experts at our online marketing company are going to break down our website design checklist. It show what every website needs page-by-page, step-by-step to show you exactly what you need, what you don’t, and how to pull it all together to create an unstoppable conversion machine.Getting StartedThis website design checklist [...]

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Top 11 Elements for a Killer Homepage Design

You've got seven seconds to grab someone’s attention, create intrigue, and convince them to stick around, read more, or act. Ready, go! Too late, by the time you’ve read this, your time is up. Your website’s homepage is your virtual first impression. The goal of your homepage is to attract, educate, and persuade visitors to navigate to other pages so they can learn more about your Louisville, KY company. If your homepage design isn’t amazing, nothing else matters. Visitors will come and leave before they even start to scroll and your company is left [...]

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Website Redesign: 3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

When is the last time you really looked through your own website? Are you embarrassed to tell people you have a website because it’s so outdated? Does your business need a boost? Did you even know there is a website design checklist? Most of us turn to Google, Siri, or Bing when we need results online. Whether we’re looking for a house cleaner, car mechanic, or a birthday cake, we are all online.  You simply cannot run a successful business without a successful online presence. The job of the design of your website is [...]

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