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OTM Gives 2018: Cure CF

While discussing strategies for the new year, a lightbulb went off! What if we focused the beginning of the year on giving back to our community? Essentially, we wanted to give away a free comprehensive website build to a local non-profit organization. For these organizations, every second counts, so we decided to have the entire site completed in 24 hours!

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Who Controls Your Digital Assets? Is It You?

It seems crazy to give someone else the only key to your house, but small businesses are doing exactly that every day and it proves to be a devastating decision. Digital assets are just like real assets and if you don’t maintain ownership properly, you risk losing them completely. We break down the most problematic digital issues with hosting, domain, and design to give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your business.

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The Importance of Content Marketing for Your Small Business

Today’s consumers hop online to search for everything from daily news to cute cat videos to reviews of local businesses. Content marketing is all about leveraging the people who are already online to grab their attention, educate them, establish trust, and put your name in their head when they are ready to buy. Customers today are sick of sales tactics.

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IPIC 2017 Presentation | Brittany Murphy | Las Vegas

Last week, our own Brittany Murphy presented at the 2017 International Print & Imaging Conference (IPIC). During the Las Vegas presentation, Brittany highlighted the importance of local SEO in growing your business. With a helpful step-by-step breakdown of the most important factors in ranking locally, the audience learned tons of useful information on how they could implement these actionable tactics today to start greatly improving their online presence.

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