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About Braden Insurance –

Braden Insurance has been serving Kentuckiana residents for over 50 years. As an independent agency, they represent several leading insurance companies rather than any single provider, allowing them to help you select the best policy for your situation. Whether you’re looking to insure your cars, homes, businesses, or families, Braden can lead you in the right direction.


6 Month Estimated ROI

While they make sure their clients are protected, we make sure their marketing is covered 

The Problem

As an older company, Braden Insurance had little to no experience in online marketing. They focused all of their attention on the more traditional marketing methods, like running print advertisements.

While this was effective in the early days, over the years they struggled staying up-to-date on trends and adjusting their strategy to address the changing needs of the customer. By failing to upgrade their strategy, Braden was losing tons of potential clients.

The cluttered, poorly designed, and outdated website also wasn’t doing them any favors. Their website had absolutely no SEO or online marketing of any sort, which is a big no-no if you wish to create a successful online presence.

Braden Insurance needed a complete makeover. homepage - before

The Solution

Needing to start fresh, One Thing Marketing completely rebuilt their website. The new design and website update worked to create a better user experience through improving the sitemap and overall readability.

After organizing the skeleton of a great marketing campaign, OTM began to work on the meat– the content. Producing new and unique content for the site through blog posts and other methods helped to generate more traffic to the website.

Furthermore, it allowed for better on-page SEO and local search engine optimization opportunities.

From start to finish, the overhaul of Braden Insurance’s online marketing was no easy task. However, this comprehensive approach worked very well.

What We Did

Website Design

Content Development / Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local Search Optimization

Content Marketing / Blogging

Website Maintenance

Industry Online Competitiveness0%

Responsive WordPress Web Design - Braden Insurance

The Results

In Braden Insurance’s first six months partnering with One Thing Marketing back in 2011, the Google traffic to their website increased an impressive 123%.

Six years later, the site continues to be effective, even in such a competitive industry. Traffic has steadily increased to 269% over six years.

All this traffic generated waves of potential clients. In fact, the number of quotes given to interested parties increased 240% from 2016 to 2017. 

Google Traffic


6 Month Increase in Traffic from Google

Google Traffic


6 year Increase in Traffic from Google

Contact Form Leads


1 Year Increase in Contact Form Leads

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