Managing the reputation of your Louisville, KY business can increase trust & authority.

You wouldn’t call a mechanic with a one-star review to service your car, would you? In the world of goods and services, Google reviews are easily noticed by those who are seeking what you have to offer. If your online presence and reputation are down in the dumps, chances are, so is your business and so are your sales.

Reputation Management is the name for the effort of influencing what, and how, people think of a brand, person, or company when viewed online. In simple terms, it means getting more Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or whatever platform is important to your business. At One Thing Marketing, we can help keep your company’s reputation in good standing, generate more reviews, and generate more leads.

Google Traffic


of consumers read online
reviews before deciding to
contact the business

Google Traffic


of consumers read local businesses’ responses
to reviews

Google Traffic


of consumers trust online
reviews as much as a
personal recommendation


Online reviews allow potential customers to see what others think of your work. Reviews can help you be seen as a credible source within your industry, with proof to back it up.

With our Reputation Management service, you can request reviews via email and/or text message to best fit your customers’ communication preferences.

We’ll do all the work! Our team monitors and responds to reviews, both positive and negative. If you should receive a negative review, we offer quick response time to help you make it right for your customer.

Market your customers’ experience and let the reviews do the talking. Online reviews help you build a portfolio of testimonials, and allows your best customers to bring you new customers. 

There’s a lot your business can gain when implementing Reputation Management into your marketing strategy. 

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

“Dan and his team are always responsive to our questions and requests and regularly reach out on a pro-active basis to suggest steps we can take to improve. We have used other companies who made promises but could not deliver. They have gone above and beyond to reach our goals and deliver what they said they would.”

Matt Reynolds - Louisville, KYMatt Reynolds - Agent, Claude Reynolds Insurance

More leads for your business. More money in your pocket.

We live in a digital age. Each day, more and more consumers are researching, shopping, and buying goods and services through the internet.

A huge portion of those consumers, 86% to be exact, read local business reviews as part of their online searching. If you do not have reviews of your business, then that’s a whole bunch of people bypassing your company.

We know what you’re thinking, “I will just get a bunch of my friends and family to post reviews about my business and then I will be good to go.” If only it were that easy.

You need real reviews from real customers.

When it comes to the success of your business, these customer reviews can make or break you. 79% of consumers age 35 to 54, trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. And 89% of consumers read business’ responses to online reviews.

While business owners would love to have nothing but positive reviews, negative reviews are inevitable. It is important to understand that all reviews are valuable in that they show where you shine and where you may need some improvement. Having some negative reviews can be good in that they show you are a real, authentic business that isn’t perfect.

You should be willing to invest your time and resources in your online reputation management by asking customers for reviews, monitoring all incoming reviews, and responding to those reviews, both good and bad.

In a perfect world, every business owner would have time to run their business and monitor and respond to all of their customer reviews. We do not live in a perfect world. That’s why our One Thing Marketing team in Louisville, KY would like to take some of the burden off and offer you our Reputation Management Service.

What is Business Reputation Management?

There are misinterpretations about what exactly reputation management is. Some think it is about monitoring a business’ social profiles, while others think it is related to public relations.

Reputation management is the effort to influence what and how people think of a company, brand, or person.

Simply put, it is the act of managing your reputation.

When you take advantage of our reputation management service, you will get a customized reputation management strategy that will allow our team to:

  • Reach Out & Get Reviews
    • We will engage your customers with proactive requests, via email and text messages, to generate feedback and new reviews.
  • Monitor, Listen, & Respond
    • We will monitor the review sites that matter to you. We will also receive daily updates and email notifications for new reviews so we can listen, manage, and respond in real-time.
  • Market Your Customer’s Experience
    • We’ll help you amplify your reviews in multiple ways so that your best customers are bringing you new customers.
  • Grow Your Business Through Customers
    • You will generate reviews that market your business. One Thing Marketing will help you build a continuous cycle of customer feedback and reviews that you can use to convert more customers.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But before you jump on the bandwagon, we want to explain to you the importance of reputation management to your business in Louisville, KY.

Why is Online Review Management Important?

We have already said that reputation management in Louisville, KY can do wonders for your business. But do you know the effects that reviews can have on your business?

We are about to blow your mind so just keep scrolling.

Reviews Build Credibility

Many consumers in Louisville, KY trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

We previously said that we live in a digital age and that consumers are doing more research than ever before purchasing a product or hiring a business to do a service.

Since 79% of consumers age 35 to 54 trust online reviews as if they were a personal recommendation, they turn to review sites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, etc. to get a better understanding of the business.

So the more reviews you have, and ideally more positive reviews, the better your business will look in the eyes of those consumers. You will gain their trust and be seen as an authority leader in your industry.

This is literally a textbook example of what Social Proof is.

Reviews Help You To Connect With Your Customers

When you customers leave online reviews, this gives you the chance to interact with them. Be social. Respond to their reviews by thanking them for the reviews and purchasing from your business.

If the review is negative, this gives you the chance to apologize to the customer, offer additional help to make amends, and do a complete 180 on the situation.

All this again will build trust among current and future customers since 89% of consumers read the responses that businesses write.

This also gives you a chance to see flaws in your business that you did not know existed. A customer may leave a review about an issue and now you can respond with an apology and a solution.

Congratulations! You just turned a negative review into a positive review!

Reviews Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To appear in the search results when someone types something into a search engine, you need to have good SEO tactics in place. Online reviews can play a part in increasing your rankings.

Review platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor have a pretty good reputation with Google. So when you have lots of reviews, and more importantly positive reviews, on these platforms you have a better chance of showing up in the search results.

Convinced yet?

It’s important to note that having a bunch of positive reviews will not automatically make you appear in the top spot in Google overnight. There are many other ranking factors that go into calculating your rankings and it can take time before you start seeing results from your SEO efforts. We won’t drag on about this, but if you are curious and want to know more, check out our article about “how long does SEO take” after you finish reading.

If you want more reasons why reviews and reputation management are great assets for your business, then check out these staggering statistics.

  • Our Reputation Management service will be a great asset to your Louisville, KY business.Consumers read an average of 10 reviews before taking an action.
  • Consumers require an average of 40 online reviews before believing a business’ star rating is accurate.
  • 57% of consumers will not use a business that has a rating below 4 stars.
  • 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant.
  • Positive reviews make 68% of consumers more likely to use a local business.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers. They all point to the same conclusion…

Reputation Management is extremely beneficial to your business!

For more mind-boggling statistics, pop on over to our article on why your local business needs reviews.

Features of Our Review Management Service

So now that we have convinced you how important reputation management in Louisville, KY is, let’s take a look at some of the features.

There are dozens of features that come with our service. And with so many features, it is easy for us to create the perfect reputation management strategy that fits your business goals and allows you to reap the most benefits.

Here are some of those features…

Review & Feedback Generation

We will request customer feedback and online reviews from your customers to fuel your online marketing. With over a dozen ways to engage customers in feedback, including email and outbound and inbound SMS text messages, you can receive more feedback and reviews with a smart, robust, and easy to use service.

    • We will request reviews on the online review platforms that matter most to you.
    • All of the review request emails and text messages are branded to fit your business.
    • There are multiple request modes and options that allow for a personal touch to be added to the emails and text messages.

Review & Reputation Monitoring

The team at One Thing Marketing will monitor and respond to each and every review, both good and bad. This allows more time for you to take care of the rest of your business and your employees.

    • For positive reviews, One Thing Marketing will respond to reviews typically within 24 hours on your behalf with a customized “Thank You” message.
    • For any negative reviews, we will both receive an email notification. We will contact you to get more details about the situation and together we will craft up a response to the review that we will then post on your behalf.

Our goal is to connect you with your customers and the features of our reputation management service help us make that happen.

Local Review Management: Getting Started

So far we have told you what reputation management is, why your business needs it, and some of its unique features. At this point, we hope you are thinking,

“Sign me up!”

Another great aspect of our reputation management service in Louisville, KY is how easy it is to set up and get started.

Process – Initial Setup

You are blown away by the benefits and have made the decision to hop on the reputation management train.

  1. Review Audit
  • One Thing Marketing will do a Review Audit of all the online review platforms your business is on. This audit will aid us in creating a customized reputation management strategy for your business.
  1. Strategy Meeting
  • A member of our team will sit down with you to go over the strategy and answer any questions you may have.
  • At this time, we will also discuss what review platforms are important to you and are beneficial to your business. A few of these review platforms could be Facebook, Google, BBB, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Houzz, etc.
  1. Reputation Management Construction Begins
  • For any online platform you want our team to manage, we will simply need access to those profiles.
  • We will also need a list of your current customers’ email addresses and phone numbers so we can begin the process of asking for reviews. If you do not have a list, no worries. We can give you some pointers on how to start building your list today.

Process – Ongoing

Our team will take it from here and set everything up. Your burden has been lifted.

  1. Start Sending Emails and Text Messages
  • We will send out emails and/or text messages to your customers asking for reviews, nicely of course.
  • These emails/text messages will be sent in small batches so you do not get this huge influx of reviews at once. This will look spammy and unnatural.
  • As you gain more customers, we will need an updated list of any new customers so we can be sure to send them a review request. This can be done monthly, quarterly, or whenever depending on how frequently you gain new customers.
  • Here is an example of one of the email sequences will look like. We will customize and tweak the sequence to match your customers’ use of the platform.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the customer will rate how likely they are to recommend you to others.

In our Reputation Management, the first step is asking customer to rate your business.

The customer will then write their review of their experience with your business.

The second step in our Reputation Management is asking them to write a review.

Finally, the customer will have a chance to copy that review onto other important review platforms.

The last step in our Reputation Management is asking the customer to out their review on other platforms.
  1. Monitor All Feedback & Reviews
  • One Thing Marketing will monitor any feedback and reviews and strive to respond within 24 hours.
  • Good Reviews: We will respond with a customized “Thank You” response.
  • Bad Reviews: You and our team will both be notified of the negative review. We will then contact you to get more information about the situation and together we will craft a response to the distressed customer.
  1. Reap the Benefits
  • In order to see the full benefit from our reputation management service, we require an initial 90 day commitment.
  • This service can be renewed on a month-to-month basis.

What’s My Investment?

Reputation Management in Louisville, KY can be a very powerful asset to your company. But we know what is going through your head.

“What is this going to cost me?”

Our reputation management service is priced as such:

  • $450 one time setup fee
  • $299 per month

Think of it this way, the more reviews you get, the more customers you could potentially gain, thus more revenue your business could receive. So this service will pay for itself when utilized correctly!

That’s the kind of math we like to see!

Who is in Control of Your Reputation?

We have said it plenty of times in this article and we want to stress it again…

Reputation Management is extremely beneficial to your business!

It does not matter if you are in Louisville, KY or on the other side of the country, reputation management can help you engage with your customers, build trust and authority, generate leads, and grow your business.

Let the talented team at One Thing Marketing in Louisville, KY review and monitor your company’s reputation.

Together, we can power your business with customer feedback and online reviews.

It’s time to point your business in the right direction.