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Digital Marketing Agency Louisville KY

Digital Marketing Agency Louisville KY

Reputation Management

How To Increase Your Business’ Online Reviews By 7x in 7 Months

Answer this question for us… How important is your personal reputation? Probably pretty important. Many people would rather throw themselves into a volcano than have their reputation tarnished. Okay, not literally, but you get our point. Everyone wants their reputation to be positive, accurate, and be associated with their hard work. It works the exact same way for your business and its online reputation. So how do you spread the word about your company’s reputation online? One word...reviews. Without online reviews, your hard-earned reputation is not being seen by potential customers. And with most [...]

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Boost Your Company’s Reputation… Or Else

People talk. Wonder what they are saying about your business? More than 25% of a company’s market value comes directly from its reputation. Whether you’re a local business or a multi-industry conglomerate, your reputation plays a major role in your company’s success. But just how important is reputation management to your business?

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Online Reviews: Why Your Local Business Needs Them (and How to Get More)

Warning! While you are reading this, someone is talking about your business. Someone is sitting down right now to tell their friend, co-worker, or family about their recent purchase, how your product works, or what they think of your service. Of course, this is nothing new. For generations, word of mouth has been one of the most reliable ways to build...

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