IPIC 2016 Presentation | Dan Skaggs & Brittany Murphy | Las Vegas

IPIC started as a small buying group in California over 30 years ago and is now an international association that provides a broad range of business services to members across the world. At the conference in Las Vegas, Dan and Brittany presented “10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Now” to an eager crowd of people looking to promote their business. This actionable list engaged the audience, prompting them to re-evaluate their own marketing strategies. You can view that presentation below.

See how Dan, Brittany, and the rest of the team can help you understand these 10 easy tips to implement them and begin improving your search engine optimization for your organization by calling today!

Dan Skaggs
Dan Skaggs

One part founder, two parts bourbon. Dan, our resident SEO genius, works tirelessly to solve all of your online marketing needs. With 11 years of experience in the field (and even more on the golf course), he translates all the technical mumbo-jumbo into effective strategies that will help your Louisville, KY business succeed.

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