Before slamming our computers shut and running out of the office and into the weekend, we’ve accumulated a round-up of the latest in digital marketing news over the past couple weeks. Give it a peek below.


Small Businesses and Local Search Needs

According to a recent survey by local marketing news company Street Fight, 25 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses consider SEO to be the area of marketing where the most help is needed. These numbers may or may not come as a surprise, but considering the growth in search numbers as well as accessibility (thanks to mobile), online visibility will continue to be near the top of the priority list for most companies.

Google My Business Puts Companies in Control

In a recently published Search Engine Land article, Christian Ward of Yext explains how the new Google My Business (GMB) platform provides companies with an opportunity to take control of their essential business information — such hours of operation, new addresses, etc. — that reaches users in both search results and on Google Maps. This will allow users to receive the current and accurate details regarding a company’s information, and will put businesses in a position to avoid confusion if they relocate, launch at a new location, have holiday hours that differ from their normal times and more.

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Handful of Fortune 100 Companies Need Content/SEO Improvements

The Content Marketing Institute highlights findings from a study that examines the problems that Fortune 100 enterprises are experiencing with their SEO and content marketing efforts. Among the key finds are that 20 percent of sites aren’t mobile friendly and 56 percent don’t use keywords in optimized titles for their home page.  

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Web Design

Refining Your Menus to Increase Conversions

If a website is failing to deliver the results that it’s intended to, it could perhaps be a result of poor navigation that unsuccessfully leads users to the content that they want in order to accomplish their goals. Smart Insights discusses the different types of menu navigation and how guide users to where they want to go.

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Social Media

Facebook Instant Articles Strives to Serve as Win-Win for Publishers and Users

Starting on April 12, Facebook will roll out its Instant Article function that will allow publishers to host articles on the social network without users having to visit a different site. This is especially designed to help mobile users who often may have to deal with slow loading times that result in a poor user experience. The platform still allows publishers to advertise on their articles that are hosted on Facebook. Tamar Weinberg of Marketing Land covers the news in detail in her article for Marketing Land.

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Snapchat Ad Platform Delivering Record Number of Impressions

In her recently published piece, Suzanne Delzio of Social Media Examiner discusses the growth of impressions delivered to snapchat users. The social media network is now rivaling Facebook in terms of video views per day, and an engaged audience makes it a viable option for marketers looking to effectively place advertisements.

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Unless you’ve been tirelessly hibernating in a different dimension for the past few weeks, you may have heard that a Super Bowl was recently played and a new champ was crowned. While the game is what’s on the mind of most fans, a very close second comes the advertisements. Google recently released the influence that the Super Bowl advertisers had on the search landscape throughout the game. Long story short, 82 percent of searches related to TV ads were conducted on mobile. Furthermore, automobile companies dominated — Audi, Acura, Honda and Kia all finished in top five for search volume.

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