You’ve got seven seconds to grab someone’s attention, create intrigue, and convince them to stick around, read more, or act. Ready, go!

Too late, by the time you’ve read this, your time is up.

Your website’s homepage is your virtual first impression. The goal of your homepage is to attract, educate, and persuade visitors to navigate to other pages so they can learn more about your Louisville, KY company. If your homepage design isn’t amazing, nothing else matters. Visitors will come and leave before they even start to scroll and your company is left forgotten in the virtual dust.

We’ve got 11 elements to create a killer website homepage design that will attract new customers, share your products and services, and build your brand in less than 10 seconds. Every. Single. Time.

1. Company Logo

One of the first things visitors should see is your logo. Make it easy. Make it clear. But this is a website, not a billboard. Studies have consistently shown that a clear and professional logo in the top left corner is the best hot spot. Avoid the urge to make it huge, animated, or cluttered. Keep it simple and consistent.

A logo is an important part of your homepage design.

2. Contact Information

People want to work with people, so give them your contact information. It is frustrating when you’re trying to find a customer service phone number and all you see is web pages and contact forms. Providing a telephone number and email address adds credibility to your business. It shows your customer you’re a real person with a legitimate business. Don’t make it a mystery to figure out how to get in touch; put your phone number in the header or the footer where it’s clear and easy to find.

3. Supporting Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say it’s worth much more. Images that evoke emotion, tell a story, and bring action are priceless. Original images that are crisp, clear, and professional are a great way to showcase your business. Show the people behind your business, build trust, and paint a portrait of who you are and what you do. If you do not have original images, then stock images are another great option. Be sure to use stock images that help promote your company and not ones that are cheesy and off topic.

Abrams Roofing, a business in Louisville, KY, is a great example of a good homepage design.

4. Clear Value Proposition

A proposition is not a tagline or a catchphrase; it shows the value you bring to a solution. Be specific. Don’t just tell your customers what you do. Instead, show them what you have to offer. If your value is helping customers save money, say how much they could save. If you make durable products, show clear durability results. If you are unique, tell your customers what makes you different. Show them what you do and why they should care enough to continue reading.

5. Navigation

Poor or hidden navigation will result in a high bounce rate. Create a menu at the top or on the side that allows visitors to navigate your site easily. Make it intuitive by designing your pages around your most frequently asked questions or popular requests. Show your visitors everything your website has to offer and exactly where to find what they are looking for.

No navigation on your website is poor homepage design.

6. Calls-to-Action

The role of the homepage design is to move visitors forward to act. What do you want that action to be? Maybe you want them to subscribe, request a consultation, provide contact information, or make a phone call. Pick only one or two clear CTAs and include them throughout the homepage design. While graphic CTAs have been proven most effective, text CTAs can be beneficial as well, as long as it’s clear and direct to show customers exactly what their next step should be.

This Louisville, KY business has great calls to action as part of their homepage design.

7. Features/Benefits

It’s time to brag. Visitors come to your website to buy something or gather information, so don’t be shy about selling yourself and/or your products and services. The features and benefits should build on your original value proposition to give visitors a little more information. Give an overview of what your Louisville, KY company does in a little more detail and show benefits the reader will get if they take advantage of your product/service.

8. Social Proof

Today, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials just as much as recommendations from a friend or family member. This creates an instant reputation with new customers, which helps build relationships and brand loyalty. Social proof includes testimonials, positive reviews, case studies, warranties, etc. Social proof builds trust and reduces risk, so your customers are more comfortable buying from you instead of just ordering it off of Amazon instead. Identify what might make customers feel hesitant and do whatever you can to reduce the risk and build trust.  

9. Portfolio

If you do business that can be easily shown off through pictures, videos, or case studies, create a powerful online portfolio of your best work. Showing real-life examples of what you have done for other customers in the Louisville, KY area will show you are a reputable company and can instantly build trust with future customers.

10. Awards/Recognitions

Put your awards on display and make them part of the homepage design. Industry recognition or accomplishments of employees speak to your quality, credibility, and expertise. This also includes awards, certifications, association memberships, etc. These all prove that your work lives up to the hype and you can deliver on your promises.

Letting customers around Louisville, KY know what awards you have won is a good idea for your homepage design.

11. Above All…Keep It Simple

The best website homepage designs are like five-star dining: it’s all about the presentation. Use thoughtful, elegant homepage design to deliver your message and keep it stunning.

Nothing works when you throw everything at them at once. If your homepage design has too many elements, it looks cluttered and overwhelming and will only encourage customers to immediately hit the “back” button. Instead, keep it simple and highlight the essentials to get visitors to click deeper into your website.

  • Make everything easy to read
  • Don’t try to cram everything about your company onto the homepage
  • Make sections clearly labeled
  • Don’t go crazy with fonts
  • Be mindful of what colors you use
  • When in doubt, find someone who knows how to create a website.

Make a Difference Today

Your website homepage is your 24 hours/day, 7 days/week salesman. It should immediately appeal to visitors, deliver them a positive experience, and provide a portal of discovery into your company. Your website represents your company to the world and plays an active role in building your brand. If it’s not delivering, start implementing some chances to make your homepage design your most valuable asset. 

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