By now, you know having an online web presence is important.

You have taken the first steps toward a better website and have partnered with us to get your Search Engine Optimization rolling for your company.

Although you understand that SEO rankings don’t happen overnight, you want to start getting more business by morning.

So, what do you do? Paid advertising might be the answer to your short-term problems.

Google Traffic


of clicks go to the
top three paid ads
in search results

Google Traffic


PPC visitors are 50% more
likely to make a purchase
compared to organic visitors

Google Traffic


increase in brand
awareness for businesses
who use PPC advertising


Having your paid advertisement appear on the first page of search engine results increases your chances of being seen by consumers. PPC Advertising is exactly the way to do this.

Unlike some other marketing strategies, PPC lets you pay as you go. You can tweak or stop ad campaigns that are underperforming or aren’t working for your business.

Real-time data allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. You can change verbiage, play with keywords, or include a promotion and track your performance, right here, right now.

Sometimes a shopper has to see something multiple times before a connection is made. PPC Advertising is a tool that can associate your brand with the product or service consumers are searching for.

There’s a lot your business can gain by implementing Pay Per Click Advertising tactics into your marketing strategy.
Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

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What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. Through this method of internet marketing, you can essentially buy visits to your site. As a PPC campaign management company, we can help you set up your campaign to start driving visits to your website.

This enables ads for your business to show up at the top of the Google search results in the Adwords section. While there is a cost associated with a PPC campaign, when PPC is working correctly, the business generated can create big profits.

PPC for local businesses can be one of the most lucrative forms of marketing if executed properly.

Getting the most out of your campaigns requires keyword research, planning, and an optimized landing page to convert visitors into customers. This is why it is important to work with a PPC specialist who has your best interest in mind. The more effective your PPC marketing, the cheaper your ads become, leading to higher profits for your business.


PPC and SEO both fall under the category of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM focuses on getting your company as close to the top of the results page as you can.

Over 85 percent of Internet users will start their searches using their favorite search engine, but 95 percent do not look past the first page of results. Choosing between PPC marketing and SEO is all about how you want to get there. Balancing the two can be tricky.

Here are some of the differences to keep in mind when determining which strategy is right for you:

Search Engine Results Page Position

In any search engine, the results page is divided into two parts: organic results and PPC advertising results

PPC: PPC results are at the top and bottom of the search page and often have some indicator that they are indeed a paid advertisement. When you advertise on Google, the results page shows four paid ads at the top and four at the bottom currently. Other search engine layouts vary, but the paid results are always first.

SEO: All other results below the PPC ads are organic, including the maps and images section


PPC: Depending on the industry and the keywords, PPC can actually be cheaper upfront. More popular keywords are more expensive, so the costs depend on your industry. The more results you want, the more you will have to spend. An effective PPC campaign management company can work to keep these costs low by choosing the right keywords to target, creating quality ad copy, sending ads to the most relevant landing pages, and more. There are a lot of variables and optimizing each will save you money. However, to keep seeing the benefits of PPC, you need to keep spending money on the ads.

SEO: The cost for SEO results are sometimes more expensive up front because you have to create specific content and employ other SEO tactics to achieve a natural ranking. However, once the initial work is done and the bill is paid, you can still keep seeing top search page ranking results from the money you initially invested and even slowly decrease your budget in some industries.


PPC: A top-of-page ad can create almost instant traffic to your website. This can be useful when launching a new brand or product. But in order to maintain this visibility and traffic, you must keep spending your ad dollars.

SEO:  SEO is a process and it takes time to see results. It all depends on the competitiveness of your industry. Typically, it takes at least 3-6 months after the initial optimization has been completed to starting seeing results. However, once you gain visibility on the first page of the search results, it’s easier to maintain that visibility long term. If you continue to add well-optimized, great content to your site, you will gain authority and the trust of both users and the search engines.

User Perceptions

PPC: Some internet searchers admit they won’t even click on the paid advertisements. Because these results are paid, they don’t trust that these are the best results and tend to click on them less. However, these ads do still generate clicks and traffic to the sites who advertise in this section of search results.

SEO: Organic results have the perception of being authentic and trustworthy because they are unbiased and unpaid. These results are seen as better matches to the user’s search.

The Best of Both Worlds:

We recommend putting SEO and PPC together to reap the benefits of both. Start with SEO to begin the process of getting effective, long-term results. In the meantime, use PPC marketing to boost your business and get immediate top-of-the-page listings when launching a new website, product, or service. Using a PPC specialist to manage your campaign and handle this balancing act gives you the most effective combination of both, creating instant results and long-term business credibility. New Website PPC


When your PPC marketing campaign is handled correctly, you can expect nearly instant results. The first benefit you’ll notice is a rapid increase in site traffic. This can be particularly beneficial for new websites.

Often those initial increase in results can transfer to increased conversions, sales, or leads. PPC marketing campaigns are easy to pause or suspend based on seasonality, business demand, employment shortage, budget, etc. Pay Per Click ads enable you to track your leads so you can see measurable results. Thorough reporting shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Now, you have the ability to target the right audience based on zip code, time of day, device, etc.


Before starting a campaign, we sit down with you to learn about your business and your goals so we can decide exactly what is right for you.

Some of the questions we ask are:

  • Do you have a website?

This is a critical first step to creating a successful online presence. You can’t start PPC with no place for searchers to go once they click your ad.

  • Is your website user-friendly and easy to navigate?

PPC gets leads to your site, but once they get there, its work is done. It is up to your website to convert them into a customer. When potential customers get to your site, we want them to find exactly what they are looking for, so we provide a website audit to ensure your site is ready for an audience. Your website should be mobile friendly with a modern intuitive design and organized layout. Our website audit lets you know what tweaks we believe need to be made to get the best results from your PPC campaign.

  • Have you implemented real SEO to your website?

This is not just putting a few words into an SEO plugin (like Yoast) and hoping for the best. This includes extensive keyword research, content, and a strategic implementation of SEO tactics. SEO should always be the foundation of any online marketing strategy and is our recommended starting point.

  • Do you have a landing page?

People who click on paid ads are generally ready to buy, so you need a landing page that takes them to exactly to what they searched. Sending customers to your homepage may be ineffective if they have to go looking through your website to find what they need.  We are able to design landing pages that are more likely to convert your potential customers.

  • What is your call to action?

A call to action gives your customers a reason to click on your ad or link or take some type of “action”. You should be prepared to present an offer they can’t resist like discounts, coupons, free quotes, downloads, or consultations. Your offers should be used in your ad copy and featured on your landing pages to get visitors to take action.

  • What is your budget?

Most people fall into two categories: those with a strict budget and those who have no idea what their budget should be. We can help you determine an effective budget based on your goals or help you set a more realistic budget.

To better understand, you should be able to answer key questions like:

  • What products/services do you sell the most of and why?
  • What is your customer acquisition cost?
  • What do you think you should pay for a lead?
  • How many leads are you currently generating?
  • How many of those leads become customers?
  • What keywords do you want to target?

But don’t worry. If you can’t answer these questions, we can help.


  • Keyword Research: We make sure you target the right keywords for your audience, giving you the best results.
  • Initial Campaign Setup: We set up your Google Adwords campaign(s) including ad groups, text ads, site extensions, and more.
  • Call Tracking: This gives you the ability to know which calls to your business came from your paid advertising and which did not.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management: Based on results, we can pause keywords, add new ones, test ad copy, and change bid amounts to increase results.
  • Monthly Reporting: We let you know everything, from the big picture to the things you didn’t know you cared about, in an organized monthly report.

Package Upgrades

  • Display and Shopping Ads: Add more visual ads to appeal to customers in a different way.
  • Retargeting: Bring customers back to your website to finish their purchase, so you don’t waste lost conversions.
  • Landing Page Creation: If you don’t have a landing page, no problem. We can create one for you to help you get the most out of your Google Adwords budget.


PPC is offered as a supplemental add-on to clients already using our SEO services. In a city as large as Louisville, your business is bound to face some steady competition. You will need a budget that reflects your industry’s competitiveness. To make sure we give ourselves, and you, time to see a return on investment, we require a minimum of $1,000 per month be spent on ads, as well as a 90-day minimum time frame to work with. Our PPC package also includes a one-time startup fee of $475. We also offer a monthly management fee, starting at $695 per month, for those who are interested.

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