What is email marketing?

No, we’re not talking about spam.

A successful email campaign is based on synchronicity. Unique, coordinating messages engage your audience, rather than annoying them. Obviously, communication with your customers is vital to your success. This method allows you to communicate relevant information to your entire market immediately and cost-effectively.

In many B2B and B2C situations, your target audience is flooded with multiple emails to their inbox daily. Why become just another number?

The answer is, you don’t.

By tailoring your message to your specific audience in a new and unique way, you can create an open dialogue between your business and your potential customers, which means more business for you.

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Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing helps improve communication, likability, and visibility.

No one wants to make cold calls, and no one wants to get cold calls. That’s where this approach comes in handy.

Many people associate email marketing with blasts, but when used correctly, it is more of a one-to-one communication — relevant, timely, and personalized.

Rather than appearing as a stranger, email marketing allows you to build rapport with your audience. Utilizing a strong, distinct voice within your newsletter, email, offer message, etc engages your readers, and encourages them to continue digesting your information after the fact.

It is important to talk with your customers, not at them.

This helps an open dialogue grow organically, promoting the likability of your brand. Readers will begin to feel invested in your messages. They will actually look forward to receiving the next newsletter.

Any successful campaign will use this to its advantage. When you need to announce a new product, service, or sale, you’ve already laid the groundwork! Strategic call to action planning helps a business capitalize on consumer interest without seeming spammy.

You can also use this as a great opportunity to follow up. Whether they’ve just subscribed to your newsletter or already signed a contract, this outreach shows you are invested in this business relationship.

Emailing your audience periodically is a great way to stay top-of-mind. Brand awareness and visibility are crucial to the success of a business.

This method works to continuously build your brand through this engaging and persuasive copy.

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People respect effort and consistency. By sending regularly scheduled emails, your business is showing its dedication and dependability — qualities consumers always look for when choosing to partner with a new business

Use caution, though. Too many emails and you could annoy your audience into unsubscribing or worse, flagging you as spam.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Would you be persuaded by what you’re saying? Combat flagging by remaining conversational and relevant with your messages.

It is also smart to produce clean copy. Bulky block texts are time-consuming for readers. Creating a message that is mobile-friendly is also very useful in this strategy. Readability is key and most people check email on their phone these days.

Stay concise in your messages. This helps you avoid spam filters, as well.

If your readers want more meat, they can always click your call to action or link to your website. Less is always more, fellas.

The most important part of your email campaign is analyzing the data. You need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Our team works tirelessly to provide you with a comprehensive report on the success of your emails. We identify trends as well as pinpointing areas of improvement in order to provide your audience with the best possible information, producing the best possible results for your business.

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Our fees vary because our plans are completely customizable for your unique business needs. We can help with a simple template setup or create a complete campaign from start to finish. We understand email marketing; it isn’t monkey business to us. Call us today to get a personalized quote and start emailing your customers today!

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