Customer satisfaction is largely based on whether you’re meeting consumer needs or not. Is your online marketing strategy doing the trick? This week, we rounded up seven articles that could help you cater your digital marketing tactics to online customers.


Google Experiments with Business Cards and Google Posts

Recently, Google released an experimental feature that will allow businesses to publish content directly to Google. This content will then appear on the search engine results page when queries are searched that relate to the publisher, and users can scroll through the posts like to see the brand’s recently published content.

The service was first launched for US presidential candidates but now Google is steadily extending the service to small businesses. An example is below, and you can learn more here.

Google's experiment hopes to provide more brand information on the search results page to online customers.

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Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age

It’s been noted that more than roughly one-third of consumers begin to research local companies through search engines. While that number is nothing to take lightly, two-thirds of the market is also looking elsewhere. Therefore focusing on search should be a priority but not the only point of emphasis for a local online marketing strategy. This article by search engine journal discusses five other websites and platforms that local businesses can use to reach customers, including niche directories and customer reviews.

Data Optimization: The Future of SEO?

Are the days of searching without a results page quickly approaching? While virtual assistants like Siri have provided results to voice search for years, devices without a screen (i.e., Amazon Echo) also serve local results to its audiences in a very untraditional fashion. Maximizing brand exposure on newer platforms will likely be made possible through concise data optimization that caters to voice search and local mobile users, writes Greg Sterling.

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Long-Term SEO Strategies

If you’re familiar with SEO and the digital marketing landscape, then you’ve heard more times than you can count (perhaps even on a daily basis) about how the industry changes. New algorithm updates and modifications to best practices can shift strategies in the blink of an eye. To ensure that content with current relevance will maintain its significance in the future, the Content Marketing Institute partnered with Rand Fishkin to put together five next-generation strategies that can help assure that your content continues to perform well into the future. In short, the strategies are:

  • Relative click-through rate
  • Short click vs. long click
  • Content gap fulfillment
  • Amplification and loyalty
  • Task completion success

Web Design

What Consumers Think About Your Local Business Website

A recent survey conducted by BrightLocal explores customer attitudes toward local business websites. While the full study can be found here, some of the key takeaways are noted below:

  • 26% of consumers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a website.
  • 34% of survey respondents state that clear and well-designed site gives a local business additional credibility.
  • Consumers aged between 18 and 34 are most likely to be turned away from a brand for having an “ugly” website.
  • Essential information, such as products and services, hours of operation, phone number and pricing are the most important aspects of a local business website.
  • All age groups in the survey noted that poor content is the leading website feature that would prevent them from using a local business.

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Social Media Marketing

Pinterest Advertising Expands its Business

Pinterest is expanding its targeting options to advertisers by allowing companies to upload email addresses from their customer base in order to improve the targeting of advertisements. As companies upload customer email addresses, Pinterest will then match the addresses against the email addresses that are affiliated with user accounts. Though other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have been implementing this practice for years, Pinterest is the latest up-and-comer in the social media marketing game to embrace the highly targeted opportunities it presents.

Furthermore, the company is bolstering other ad targeting options as well — specifically by substantially adding to the number of interests that advertisers can target — up to 420 from only 30.

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Food For Thought

South by Southwest Interactive kicked off in Austin on Monday and concludes today. Known for its paradigm-shifting ideas and savvy audience, the conference has gained dashing momentum over the years. Not surprisingly, this year’s popular topics have aligned with futuristic concepts that could shape tomorrow’s interactions. AdWeek accumulated a list of items that have received the most chatter on Twitter during the week, referencing a report compiled by social media analytics company Sysomos. While the full article will provide more details, among the leaders are virtual reality, driverless cars, and robotics.

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