You are a proud small business owner. You have been open for a few years now and business has been pretty good to you.

Then out of the blue…WHAM!

Your sales are decreasing, revenue is down, and you have no idea what’s going on!

What are you going to do? Panic?

It just so happens that we have the answer for ya… Customized Digital Marketing Strategy.

The core steps to a successful digital marketing strategy include;

  1. Having a good business presence
  2. Ensuring your business is consistently visible to the right customers

The key word here is consistently. Our Core Strategy is a great way to get your business out in the online world. However, some industries are more competitive than others. If this is the case for you, we highly recommend partnering with us to create and implement a Dynamic Strategy that will help you continually increase your online visibility.

To set the stage, here is a quick recap of Charlie’s story:

Charlie is the owner of Tuff’s Security and he needed help getting his name out in the community and attracting more customers. He contacted One Thing Marketing and partnered with us to create a custom digital marketing strategy through our Core Strategy. Now Charlie has a beautifully designed and fully optimized website and is receiving more qualified leads than ever before.

To learn about our Core Strategy and Charlie’s experience with us, head on over here.

Charlie is a go-getter. So in order to continue to grow his business, beat out his competitors, and increase his online presence and authority, Charlie knew from the beginning that he would need to sign up for our Dynamic Strategy.

Just like the explanation of our Core Strategy, we are going to explain the who, what, when, and where by following Charlie’s experience during his Dynamic Strategy.

What Is a Dynamic Strategy?

At One Thing Marketing, we have what we call a “Dynamic Strategy” or ongoing digital marketing strategy.

This is an online strategy that consists of work that is flexible and can fluctuate based off results and changes that we see during quarterly evaluations of your website and its performance.

This type of digital marketing strategy is great for businesses whose industries are more competitive or who got a late start in the digital marketing game.

Most businesses in Louisville, KY will need a Dynamic Strategy to compete and stay ahead of their competition. Looking at Charlie’s business for example, he does not have a large number of competitors, but those competitors have been doing online marketing much longer than Charlie, so he needs a Dynamic Strategy to help him compete.

Our Dynamic Strategy combines several different tasks that are customized to fit Charlie’s budget, needs, goals, and industry.

He will get a shiny new digital marketing strategy, but it will initially be built off his Core Strategy as to not undo or reverse any of our previous work.

In our first meetings with Charlie, he stated that his goal was to grow his business by 50% over the next year. So we will use this to build his Dynamic Strategy and determine how aggressive we may need make it.

When we work year after year with Dynamic Clients, like Charlie, we sometimes change the strategy because the needs and budget may change.

To make things super clear, we use these two points to emphasize to Charlie the importance of signing up for a Dynamic Strategy.

  • A Core Strategy helps you get in the game, but a Dynamic Strategy helps you play the game better than your opponents.
  • A Core Strategy tackles the top 20 of the 200 ranking factors in Google, but Dynamic focuses on the other 180 that have a role as well. So we are building on the foundation that we put in place during Core.

What Are The Benefits of an Ongoing Online Marketing Strategy?

Up to now, we have said a bunch of pretty words, but Charlie wants more hard reasoning as to why he should invest.

Here are the top benefits we tell Charlie his business will receive if he continues to partner with us through a Dynamic Strategy:

  • A typical One Thing Marketing client sees a 4x increase in ROI in their first year with us.
  • From then on out, they see a 30% increase in leads year over year

Awesome, right!

A digital marketing strategy can help your Louisville business.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to increases in ROI and leads, Charlie will also receive these fabulous benefits…

  • Continuing to build on the 3 Pillars of SEO – Authority, Relevance, and Trust
    • By being a quality resource, this presents Charlie’s business as an authority in his industry. The more quality information the website has the more trust he will build with Google – which leads to more visibility to his target audience.
  • Building on his previous Core Strategy to gain more visibility and higher ROI
  • Results should come quicker and from more places
  • We are Charlie’s digital marketing agency ie “partner.” We can analyze all company marketing and help him make marketing decisions.
    • This results in spending money on targeting only his ideal customers, saving money by avoiding ineffective strategies, and ensures a consistent overall marketing message.

Cue mic drop…

What more could you ask for!

Dynamic Work Is Broken Into 90 Day Plans…Why Do We Do This?

To emphasize again…each client’s Dynamic Strategy is customized to their needs, goals, budget, and engagement. But all Dynamic Strategies are broken into four 90 day chunks.

Why do we do this?

By having these smaller, separate chunks of time to complete work, it allows us to make a strategy, implement that strategy, see the results, and then be able to alter the next 90 Day Plan based on the results of the previous 90 Day Plan.

Having regularly scheduled meetings is a good idea for your ongoing digital marketing strategy with our Louisville experts.

Each 90 Day Plan starts with a Quarterly Meeting.

In this mandatory meeting, we will cover:

  • What was completed in the previous 90 Day Plan
  • What we plan to work on in the following 90 days
  • Go over any questions he may have

We make these quarterly meetings mandatory for two reasons:

  1. So Charlie can be aware of our transparency and our results.
  2. He can make us aware of any changes in his business that he wants us to help his stay competitive with i.e. a new service he is offering or an additional city that he is looking to target.

It all boils down to helping us coordinate the work that is needed to achieve Charlie’s goals.

What Work Goes Into An Ongoing Marketing Strategy

Each Dynamic Strategy is made up of several tasks that are then customized to fit specific strategies, goals, budgets, and industries.

Charlie’s Dynamic Strategy will consist of a custom combination of the following tasks:


Once Charlie’s Dynamic Strategy begins, we will start by completing several audits. We do this to ensure that all work stays current with SEO trends and industry best practices.

  • Website Audit: This audit focuses on the “front-end” of the website (what visitors can see). We will review the website for its ease of use, structure, and visual layout. We will fix and update any errors we find.
  • Technical Audit: This audit focuses on the “back-end” of the website (what visitors can’t see). We will review elements that affect the site’s functionality, visibility, and search result. If any errors or issues are found, we fix them in that moment to ensure his site stays functioning its best.
  • Content Audit: We will evaluate the overall quality, accuracy, and readability of Charlie’s current content. We will use our findings to help create a content strategy later on.
  • Onpage SEO Audit: We will review the onpage SEO elements of Charlie’s entire website in order to maintain focused messaging throughout the site.
  • Site Speed Optimization: We will measure the speed at which the site loads. We will use website best practices to ensure Charlie’s site loads between 1 and 3 seconds.

Our digital marketing strategy starts with audits for your Louisville business.

In Charlie’s case, we just finished building him a new website and writing new content a few months back. So you are probably wondering why we are auditing all the work we just finished.

Good question!

We still audit his site, content, and other aspects, because the trends and best practices that Google looks at change so frequently.

Competitor Research & Analysis

We will evaluate different aspects of Charlie’s competitors and adapt his strategy based on our findings.

  • Competitor Research: We will review Charlie’s competitors’ websites and SEO efforts (content marketing/blogging, onpage, link building, etc.) to discover what is and is not working for his industry and current trends.
  • Competitor Link Analysis: We will analyze all the incoming links to Charlie’s competitors’ websites to determine their quality and strength. From this analysis, we will generate a list of links we can try to build for Charlie’s website.
  • Competitor Link Replication: We will take the list we generated from the Competitor Link Analysis and try to replicate as many of the good quality links that we can.


Our team of content coordinators will use a variety of keyword research tactics to seek out the best keywords to target to create articles and blog posts.

  • Ongoing Content Strategy: We will create an initial ongoing content strategy to help us determine the types of content needed to compete with Charlie’s competitors, while also continuing to focus on his priorities.
  • Content Strategy Implementation: We will write the content set out in the content strategy.
  • Branded Content Network: We will create a network of online social properties (Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, etc.) to share Charlie’s content on. This will further build and establish trust, and increase his overall visibility online.

Link Building

Links are a great way to show Google that Charlie’s site is trustworthy and authoritative, because other sites view his content as relevant and accurate.

Link building for your Louisville business is another part of a good digital marketing strategy.

  • Website Link Analysis: We will analyze all incoming links to Charlie’s site and determine if there are any links that are harmful and need to be removed.
  • Foundational Link Building: We will build the more easily acquired links to Charlie’s website. This will begin the process of building the “foundation” of trust and authority of his website in the eyes of Google.
  • Ongoing Link Building Strategy & Implementation: We will create and implement an initial link building strategy in order to compete with Charlie’s online competitors.
  • Press Release: We will publish a Press Release to get Charlie’s website featured in news outlets to gain exposure, traffic, and links from trusted websites.

Additional Perks

With our Dynamic Strategies, we also offer some awesome added perks!

  • 1 Hour per month of website updates, if needed: Each month Charlie receives 1 hour in which to make website edits. If our team believes the edits will take longer than 1 hour, we will inform him up front and discuss an hourly rate plan.
  • Monitor and update for any Google algorithm changes related to overall SEO/website optimization: The world of Google is a constant moving train. What works today will probably not work six months from now. This is why we stay up to date on current marketing trends and best practices and tweak Charlie’s digital marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Marketing Director Assistance 30 min per month, if needed: We can give you advice and help you with any and all of your marketing efforts. Online, office, inbound, outbound…it doesn’t matter. Want to run a newspaper ad? Call us. Did a telemarketer call wanting to sell you something? Send them our way. We will ensure you are not wasting valuable time and money.

A la Carte Services

Charlie can add on services to his Dynamic Strategy based on his specific wants.

  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click is a type of online marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time their advertisement is clicked. Some home trade services will use PPC in the beginning to jump start their lead generation during their busy season until their SEO starts kicking in.
  • Reputation Management: With this service, our team will try and get Charlie more online reviews, monitor all incoming reviews, and respond to those reviews. This review monitoring utilizes current customer reviews to bring new customers, thus growing Charlie’s business.
  • Email Marketing: Our team will create email marketing campaigns to highlight different aspects of Charlie’s business like services, deals/specials, new promotions, etc..

Expectations Of Our Partnership

Everyone knows that the key to a good marriage is good communication.

At One Thing Marketing, one of our core philosophies is to be transparent with our clients and communicate everything. We will let Charlie know what we are doing and when we plan to do it.

Some other points of communication Charlie can expect from us include:

Monthly Check-in Calls: Each month, we will schedule a quick 10-15 minute call with Charlie to update him on the progress of his Dynamic Plan, ask any questions that our team may have, and answer any of Charlie’s questions.

Follow-Up Emails: After each quarterly meeting and check-in call, Charlie will receive an email recapping what our team plans to do and the things that Charlie is responsible for getting us. These could be things like logins, pictures, information about a product, etc..

Monthly Reports: With Charlie’s Dynamic Strategy, he receives Call Tracking on his website and a Google My Business listing. On the 15th of each month, Charlie will receive his Monthly Client Report. This report includes:

  • Total number of all calls and form submissions his website and Google My Business received
  • Total number of qualified leads he received via phone and form submissions
  • His estimated ROI based on the number of leads
  • A bar graph showing the progression of leads month-over-month

Reporting is important for your digital marketing strategy so you can see how you're gaining leads in Louisville, KY.

But this is not just a one-sided relationship. We need some attention too!

We set the expectations for Charlie from the very beginning.

  • Mandatory attendance at all quarterly meetings (psst! There are only 4 a year.)
  • Open communication – if we have a question, we need to be able to get ahold of him.
  • Questions answered in a timely manner – if we need something from Charlie, we expect him to not diddly-daddle around.
  • Approvals done on time – Throughout his Dynamic Strategy, we will send Charlie content or images to approve. He needs to approve those by the set due date or his Dynamic Strategy may get delayed.
  • Success Metrics – These are what we use to measure the success of our work. At the beginning, Charlie will tell us how he will judge our work and deem it successful. One example could be to see an increase of 20% in phone calls.

See, it’s all about give and take.

To Dynamic and Beyond

Are you wondering what happens when Charlie’s 12 month Dynamic Strategy is over?


Well ya are now!

Usually, around the last quarterly meeting, we will ask Charlie if he would like to continue working with us and sign up for another year of Dynamic.

And of course, he responds with “YES!”

Our Dynamic Service Agreements auto renew, so if Charlie is happy then there is no additional work on his end to continue our previous agreement.

We ensure all clients are happy, but if for some reason they are not, they simply have to give us a 60 day notice. Then we will crawl into a hole and cry for 5 minutes before collecting ourselves.

So what happens in Year 2?

Starting in Year 2, we will shift our focus to creating even more quality content and authoritative links.

But first things first. Each year starts with a round of those audits we mentioned earlier just to make sure everything still meets the current marketing trends and standards.

We can adjust and tweak your marketing strategy so it always fits your current business needs and goals.

After each year of working together, we will have learned more about your industry and online environment that we will be able to suggest more marketing ideas that we can help you incorporate. Every year gets more fun as we are able to utilize our “marketing director assistance” role to help you come up with ways to grow your business from more than just a website angle.

The Future Looks Brighter Than Ever!

Well there ya have it.

One delicious, fresh out of the oven Dynamic Strategy.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Now, not to brag too much, but Charlie just loves us and the work we have accomplished through his ongoing digital marketing strategy.

He has even referred many of his friends to us! Which is just the biggest compliment.

Charlie has been able to grow his business into something he never thought possible and it warms our hearts that we were able to help make that happen for him.

Through your ongoing digital marketing strategy, you are building a stronger trust with Google and your customers, while establishing your business as an authority in your industry.

When you partner with us, we focus on getting you to the next stage of success.

From analyzing your overall marketing to making sure the messaging is consistent, our end game is to save you money while helping more money come in the front door.

And remember, this could be the “one thing” that lets your business soar.