Founder of One Thing Marketing

Everyone reading this has probably known at least one person they called “Dan the Man.” But after meeting this Dan – Dan Skaggs, Owner of One Thing Marketing – we’re convinced this might really be “Dan THE Man.”

Dan Skaggs

Dan has been building websites and sharing his SEO expertise (that’s Search Engine Optimization if you didn’t know, and it’s what makes websites appear at the top of search results on sites like Google) for over 12 years. A lot of changes have come to the world of SEO in that time, but many of Dan’s first clients are still working within the original framework he built for them back in his early days. And they’re still getting great results. “They’re doing so well we haven’t had to do any new work for them! It’s both a blessing and a curse!” jokes Brittany Murphy, Marketing Director for One Thing Marketing.

Skaggs started One Thing Marketing in 2011 with a goal of helping small to medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations have a visible presence on the ever-widening World Wide Web. And while Dan may not be a visible presence to all One Thing Marketing clients, he is definitely the man behind-the-scenes on every single project. 

Thoughtful, focused, process-oriented, and driven, Dan’s favorite working moments are those when he sees his hard work pay off for clients. “Looking at the tracking and reports and seeing that we have been able to help a business increase their incoming calls – sometimes by over 500% – makes him, and all of us, so proud of what we do,” said Murphy.

Dan was born and raised in Louisville and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Louisville. He enjoys playing softball with friends and taking Charlie (the official security guard[dog] of One Thing Marketing) on walks to patrol the neighborhood. Whether or not these walks take place after Dan has exercised his superpower (which, according to an unnamed source, is eating an entire large pizza by himself without looking like he’s pregnant) we’re not sure.

We asked if there was something Dan was especially proud of, and he told us that starting a successful SEO company that’s now nationally recognized as a top SEO Agency by felt pretty great. We have a feeling that feels pretty great for Dan’s clients too.

Miscellaneous Fun Dan Facts:

  • Loves bourbon
  • Formerly a scratch golfer (when he had more free time…)
  • Is currently rereading The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan