Project Manager at One Thing Marketing

For mere mortals, the World Wide Web can be a place of mayhem and mystery. Sure, you may be able to muddle through – with a map (a.k.a. Google) – but do you know how to get on the map? Don’t feel bad; most people don’t. That’s why they turn to One Thing Marketing. OTM knows how to put you on the map, and Project Manager Sandra McCaffrey (super-secret superhero name: Captain Content), is vital in making that happen.

Sandra downplays her superpowers by describing her job in layman’s terms. “I make sure our client’s websites and content matches their business’ personality and vision. I outline and write content and then optimize those pieces with Search Engine Optimization. I identify popular words and phrases people type into search engines, so I know what keywords to target for the client.” And all this helps OTM clients get the choicest, most desired spots on the map (Google).

Sandra has been with One Thing Marketing for over 2 years now, and she says her biggest surprise has been learning how much detail goes into making a website successful. “It’s not just what can be seen by visitors. There is a whole web of interlinking parts that have to perfectly align in order for the website to work.” But she loves it. Sandra is passionate and energetic about her job. Meeting client expectations isn’t good enough; she works hard to exceed them.

Sandra grew up in Georgetown, Indiana, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. She loves trying new restaurants (not in the morning though; she is a self-described non-morning person) and loves all things Disney. In fact, planning vacations to Disneyworld is one of her favorite things to do. She also enjoys watching the superhero Marvel Comic movies. (We think she likes to support her peers and also keep an eye on what the bad guys are up to.)

Fun Facts on Sandra:

  • Makes a mean homemade spaghetti sauce
  • Never says no to a good episode of Friends
  • Minored in Mathematics