Head of Security at One Thing Marketing

Not everyone gets to meet Charlie since his job description doesn’t include working directly with clients, but a lot of people know him anyway. Sometimes people can hear him in the background during conference calls. And as he is Head of Security, they know he’s the one that tackles the ruff stuff.

Charlie doesn’t know where he was born, but he grew up here in Louisville. He’s been working in this profession his whole life, and he joined the One Thing Marketing team three years ago. He takes his role quite seriously. “As Head of Security, I’m always prepared for disaster to strike,” says Charlie of his responsibilities. But before we have time to worry, he adds, “but most days I just lay around and play with my toys.”

When asked to describe himself, Charlie turned introspective but answered honestly, I’m “sweet, crazy, playful, and a good boy.” That seems to be the general sentiment of his co-workers too. It should be noted that he is so popular, many of them give him special treats. But of course, not everyone can get along all the time. Bailey, the Office Manager (you can meet her in this post here), has been overheard describing Charlie as “annoying (but only sometimes).”

We like to highlight the educational background of our teammates, but you can always count on us to give you the real scoop—not some made-up publicity story. And so, we feel we must share this honest truth with you: Charlie is a doggy school dropout. But hey, school isn’t for everyone, you know? And luckily, Charlie realizes this and isn’t too hard on himself. When asked to comment, he answered nonchalantly, “woof.” (The literal translation for that is, “oops.”)

In Charlie’s downtime, he likes to chase his laser light and also pull the couch cover off the sofa and use it for tug of war. But work time is his favorite time of day. He loves it when all his co-workers are in the office at the same time. He also loves working from the back yard, where he can keep an eye on things.

Things You May Not Know About Charlie:

  • Once destroyed a tennis ball in under 3 minutes.
  • Can sit and stay (especially if there’s a treat on the line).
  • Has his eye on the future: “In ten years, I hope to still be right here, at One Thing Marketing, playing with my toys and chasing tennis balls around the backyard!”